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World Assembly Update | AOPA-Finland to Survey MEP Candidates | IAOPA at AERO | AOPA-New Zealand Elections | AOPA-Philippines Elects new Officers | AOPA-Guyana Promotes Education and Research | Start Planning Your Summer Flying Activities Now! | The Air Safety Institute completes new “Takeoffs and Landings” video series | Ruth Moser Bids Farewell

World Assembly Update

Early registration for the 27th IAOPA World Assembly closes 1 June 2014.   AOPA-China has set up a website that provides delegates and attendees the most up-to-date information on this important IAOPA event.  By taking advantage of “early” registration, open through June 1st, attending delegates and their accompanying spouses can experience the sights and sounds of the add-on optional tour (Sept. 14th and 15th) for nearly the same price as the regular registration fee that will go into effect after early registration has closed.  Don’t miss these final days to take advantage of this opportunity – register today!

The World Assembly business program is being finalized and topics that are lined up for discussion will examine the key issues facing general aviation and IAOPA in today’s ever changing regulatory environment.  Download a sneak peak at the proposed agenda. If you have additional topics for discussion, please send them to [email protected] as soon as possible.

AOPA-Finland to Survey MEP Candidates

AOPA Finland has announced plans to launch a web poll for all Finnish MEP (Members of European Parliament) candidates in order to discover the most favorable, pro general aviation, candidates to represent Finland with the European Parliament.  AOPA-Finland has chosen ZEF Ltd for the survey and will be using their evaluation engine to analyze 30 questions to help determine the candidate’s current thoughts on topics ranging from EASA, the national aviation authority, air traffic service providers, microlight aircraft, the rulemaking process and other important issues related to general aviation.  The results of the poll will be published to the general aviation community in Finland in time to allow for informed voting in the upcoming elections.  If you are interested in how you can conduct a survey like this contact AOPA-Finland at [email protected].


IAOPA participated with AOPA-Germany, AOPA- Switzerland, and AOPA-Austria in hosting members that were attending the recent AERO show in Friedrichshafen, Germany.  The 4 day show held on the shore of Lake Constance attracted over 606 exhibitors from 35 different countries and 33,400 trade visitors from all over the world. The focus of the trade professionals and the media was on new aircraft from all segments including the introduction of a diesel Piper PA-28. Technical innovations for the on-board electronics and many lectures on current topics in aviation were also received with great interest by the trade visitors.  Perhaps the most important news of all was an announcement from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) on its plan for simpler, lighter, and better rules for general aviation.  Realizing that many of its rules are disproportionate and excessive for general aviation, the agency announced plans to work with the EU Commission, Member States and Stakeholders to develop rules that are more focused on risk-based solutions and will apply flexibility provisions where possible.  The roadmap as outlined will focus on the implementation of a set of short-term measures designed to alleviate the regulatory burden that currently is suffocating general aviation in Europe.  For the long-term, EASA has set 3 objectives designed to solve the problem:

  • to change the way the EASA system operates; and
  • to change the current principles applicable to light GA (a term yet to be defined); and
  • to simplify the regulations applicable to light GA.

EASA, IAOPA Europe, and the general aviation community as a whole has a daunting task in front of them as they undertake this regulatory reform and there are many challenges that need immediate attention.  IAOPA and AOPA affiliates in the region will be working hard to hold EASA accountable and work with them to ensure that the needs of general aviation are addressed.

AOPA-New Zealand Elections

At the March 2014 Annual Meeting AOPA- New Zealand re-elected Ian Andrews as the President for the coming year.  AOPA-New Zealand believes there is a constant need to stay in touch with IAOPA to gain feedback on issues that affect all affiliates. It is a great advantage to call on the wealth of research that has already been done around the world by others in the AOPA family.
On a specific issue, AOPA-New Zealand is working closely with AOPA-Australia to convince their respective Governments that SBAS (WAAS) would be a benefit in that region. They are making progress and enjoy the combined meetings they have had on the subject. It is a difficult task, where the major airlines are opposed to the implementation the basis that they don’t need it and that airlines don’t use it. New Zealand in particular is the ultimate “user pays” country where there is virtually no assistance from government coffers for aviation but they argue that SBAS is in the national interest and should be funded accordingly.  They consider the airlines have a short sighted approach and one that puts General Aviation in a position of not being able to have suitable APV approaches to improve the safety at their regional airfields. NZ only has five ILS approaches.

Membership in AOPA-New Zealand is growing steadily and they have many social events and fly-a-ways that have attracted up to 90 aircraft. However, their major task is constant vigilance to ensure the regulator does not impose rules they neither need nor want.

AOPA-Philippines Elects new Officers

AOPA-Philippines is happy to announce the results of a very successful election of the Board of Directors as well as Officers for the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association of the Philippines.

Officers elected are:

  • Capt. Geronimo A. Amurao, President
  • Raymundo L. Cocjin, Vice President
  • Elizabeth Castillo, Treasurer
  • Merce Rivera, Secretary
  • Capt. Ben Serrano, PRO

Board of Directors:

  1. Capt. Geronimo A. Amurao
  2. Raymundo L. Cocjin
  3. Elizabeth Castillo
  4. Capt. Benjamin Serrano
  5. Aurora Acelejado 
  6. Col. Crisostomo Abanes 
  7. Capt. Geoffrey Cinco
  8. Capt. Joselindo Amurao 
  9. Capt. Melvin De Castro
  10. Engr. Marion Asuncion  
  11. Mercedes M. Rivera

The Association held an Induction and Awarding Ceremony for the newly elected Trustees and Officers of AOPA-Philippines on April 8th and proved to be a successful event with encouragingly substantive results.  Of importance to note, almost half of the board members elected are new to the board.  During the event, AOPA-Philippines reiterated their congratulations to the government on the restoration by the FAA of the Category 1 status for aviation in the Philippines.  AOPA-Philippines has a long and proud history and tradition within general aviation and is one of the founding affiliates that banded together to form IAOPA.  Congratulations to all for a job well done.

AOPA-Guyana Promotes Education and Research

AOPA-Guyana working with the University of Trinidad & Tobago and the Art Williams & Harry Wendt Aeronautical Engineering School signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) establishing substantial cooperation aimed at the two schools pursuing a “mutually beneficial educational and research relationship for the development and growth of the local and regional aviation sector”. The MOU agreed to promote advancement in the quality of aviation education and competency development delivered to students through collaborative activities, learning and exchanges among faculty, students and staff, the sharing of equipment and laboratory facilities and the development of a framework for articulation between the programs of the respective parties.  The two organizations have agreed to promote mutually beneficial activities in the areas of human resource development in the aviation sector and to work together towards the globalization of higher education.  For more information contact AOPA-Guyana.

Start Planning Your Summer Flying Activities Now!

IAOPA affiliates throughout Europe are organizing plenty of activities to get pilots out flying and forming the bonds that make the general aviation flight experience so rewarding.  General aviation is as much about the camaraderie that exists between all aviators as it is about the pure enjoyment of flying.  Be sure to get yourself registered early to ensure that you have a place.
AOPA-Luxembourg has announced details for the Memorial Rally Flight honoring Hans Gutmann.  The rally will take place around the 14th to the 22nd, June 2014 and they are getting ready for departure.  Visit the website to learn all of the details and to register today.

AOPA-Ukraine is once again involved in organizing the annual aviation, motorcycle, and rock music festival in Ushgorod, just across the border from Slovakia, and is inviting all AOPA members to visit between July 17- 20, 2014. The festival has become massively popular with bikers and pilots in its previous two years, and details of the program will be available by the middle of April on the AOPA-Ukraine website, at which time registration will start.

AOPA-Hellas is putting the finishing touches on the upcoming AOPA Fly-In which is a part of the 3rd annual Athens Flying Week being held 22-28 September, 2014. The website is chock full of activities for the pilot, the spectator or the aviation enthusiast.  Go to the website for additional details and to register.

The Air Safety Institute completes new “Takeoffs and Landings” video series

The Air Safety Institute (ASI), a division of the AOPA Foundation, serves all pilots—not just AOPA members—by providing free safety education programs to pilots and flight instructors, analyzing safety data, and conducting safety research. Pilots throughout the world rely on ASI’s products to be safer and better informed. For example, ASI recently completed a “Takeoffs and Landings” video series made possible by the Canadian Owners and Pilots Association and the Donner Canadian Foundation. The series comprises six installments, covering short field landings, normal takeoffs, determining an abort point, crosswind landings, stabilized approaches, and the base-to-final turn. The videos are each approximately five minutes long and provide a great opportunity for pilots of all levels to hone these important skills.

Ruth Moser Bids Farewell

Ruth Moser, IAOPA Administrator has announced her retirement effective at the end of the month.  During Ruth’s 30 years with AOPA-US and IAOPA she has held several positions and has served IAOPA’s affiliates and their members for the past 21 years.  We wish her the best!

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