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2018 World Assembly, Register Now to Secure Your Hotel Registration | IAOPA Finance Committee Members Selected | AOPA India Elects New President | AOPA Slovenia Elects New President | AOPA Finland Update | AOPA Air Safety Institute updates decision-making course | AOPA Air Safety Institute release fuel management video | Updated IAOPA Policy Manual Now Available| Link to IAOPA Europe Newsletter | Pass on This Newsletter to Your Members

2018 World Assembly, Register Now to Secure Your Hotel Registration

Last month AOPA New Zealand announced that online registration was open for the upcoming IAOPA 29th World Assembly being hosted in Queenstown, New Zealand, 25-29 March, 2018 and I hope that you have had a chance to register.  As with all events space is limited so it is important to sign up early to ensure your seat at the table.  But even more important, is that rooms at the Rydges Lakeland Resort are limited to so it is critical to register early to guarantee your accommodation.  AOPA New Zealand has secured a special price for those attending the World Assembly so be sure to take advantage get online now. Rydges Lakeland Resort, Queenstown, New Zealand is located on the shores of stunning Lake Wakatipu, boasting unmatched views across the water from all rooms to some of the most majestic scenery in New Zealand.

The World Assembly business program is being finalized and the topics that are lined up for discussion will focus on the key issues facing general aviation and IAOPA in today’s ever changing regulatory environment.  Download a sneak peak at the proposed agenda. If you have additional topics that you would like to see included, please send them to [email protected] as soon as possible.

Join fellow AOPA members from around the world to help determine the future of general aviation while enjoying the best that New Zealand has to offer. Visit the official IAOPA World Assembly website for more information and to register www.iaopa2018.com.

IAOPA Finance Committee Members Selected

IAOPA President Mark Baker has announced the members of the IAOPA Finance Committee.  The following individuals have volunteered and been appointed to serve on the IAOPA Finance Committee effective immediately with the term expiring March 2018.

Mark Baker – IAOPA President
Erica Saccoia – IAOPA Treasurer (non-voting)
Dr. Michael Erb – AOPA UK (Europe)
Bernard Gervais – COPA (North America)
Ian Andrews – AOPA New Zealand (Pacific)
Emily Bowman – AOPA US (non-voting)

Duties of the committee are described in Article XVII of the IAOPA Constitution and Bylaws.

My thanks to all the board members that have volunteered to participate. 

AOPA India Elects New President

At their recent Board Meeting, AOPA India has unanimously elected Col (Retd) Rampal Suhag as the President of the Association.  In his first message to the membership, Col Suhag set the course for the direction of the Association.  “After a long spell of silence on the General Aviation Front, I take this opportunity to re – welcome you all. The pace of things had slowed down due to various reasons and let’s not dwell on them anymore.

We are charged up again and with rejuvenated strength taking up the mantle of GA Community to match the vision of our pioneer Mr. Ramesh Rao.

As a homage to Mr. Ramesh Rao, we pledge today to take things further more energetically and let the era of HAPPY FLYING begin.

We do have a vibrant General Aviation community which needs to be brought under one banner, today every single owner, pilot or pioneer is fighting a lonely battle against odds.

After numerous discussions and a lot of support from all of you, I took up the challenge. Since then, I have gotten in touch with DGCA and the Ministry on a weekly basis and I admit there is a change, a very positive and proactive change in the way the Governmental Agencies are viewing things today.

I want to take this forward diligently. I need support of each and every member. Starting very humbly, I have decided that I will float a request or seek your suggestion on a weekly basis, please come forward and support the cause.”  Courtesy of AOPA India website www.aopa.in

AOPA Slovenia Elects New President

At their recent Board Meeting, AOPA Slovenia has elected Mihael Matevzic as the new President of the Association.  Miha most recently served as the Vice President and has been actively involved with AOPA Slovenia for over 10 years.  Bojan Andrejas has been newly elected to the Vice President Position.  Other senior members of the organization include, Valter Faganelj, Mihael Garibaldi, Matthias Gorjup, Robert Grah, Domen Grauf, Adolf Kuznik, and Igor Zringki.   For more information, you can contact them at [email protected].

AOPA Finland Update

Flying PM of Finland

Finland’s Prime Minister Juha Sipila is a well known pilot among Finland's GA community but maybe not abroad. Since taking office in May 2015, the money-conscious former businessman has flown himself on 19 official trips in Finland and abroad. He doesn’t own the planes he flies, but rather rents them at his own expense. For the Ulan Bator trip, he was at the controls of a Cessna 525 business jet (which seats between six and seven passengers). The prime minister, known for his modesty, doesn’t always take to the cockpit himself.

When thorny coalition negotiations dragged on late one night in November 2015, Mr. Sipila missed the last commercial flight to his hometown, Oulu, in northern Finland. After a deal was finally forged in the early hours, Mr. Sipila didn’t order a private flight to be organized for him. Instead, he boarded an ambulance flight about to take off and gave the last available passenger seat to his wife Minna-Maaria. The prime minister himself sat on the small plane’s toilet seat for the duration of the one-hour flight, Finland’s largest daily Helsingin Sanomat reported. Currently Mr. Juha Sipilä is co-owner of Eurocopter EC 120 B Colibri and is a licensed helicopter pilot as well. Previously he was also co-owner of TBM 700 flying in European airspace but has also used it to cross the Atlantic.

AOPA Finland organizing theoretical knowledge examinations

Finland CAA, Trafi (Finish Transportation Safety Agency), and AOPA Finland representatives have signed an agreement that allows AOPA Finland to organize and control the monitoring of Trafi the theoretical knowledge examinations for all licenses and ratings.  AOPA Finland will organize and supervise the theoretical knowledge examinations at all approved testing centers around Finland.  This agreement is first of this kind in the history of Finland, where the leading General Aviation advocacy organization has taken the responsibility to promote equal rights and easy access to theoretical tests of aviation in Finland. So far, tests have been organized Helsinki, Rovaniemi and Lappeenranta.

The agreement is further proof of AOPA Finland's resolute strategy to provide services and added value to the General Aviation community of Finland.

AOPA Finland member card

AOPA Finland and Finavia (Finland’s Air Navigation Service Provider) have reached an agreement that will allow AOPA Finland to integrate smart card readers into the wireless access control system at Finland’s airports.  The AOPA Finland member ID card is equipped with RFID tag which is compatible with Finavia's wireless access control system. By swiping the member card near the reader, the gate will open. As soon as this integration work has been finished, all AOPA Finland members will have hassle free access to their aircraft at Finavia aerodromes. This is a vast improvement over the current process which requires all pilots to call the airport access control center to gain access to the field. 

AOPA Air Safety Institute updates decision-making course

Applying aeronautical decision making (ADM) means you must pay attention to things that give you pause, that don’t fit with what you’re expecting. The sooner you recognize a problem and start thinking about how to handle it—the better are your chances of taking timely, corrective action. But sometimes that is easier said than done.

Things that seem obviously wrong to do when you can look at them rationally, may be tempting in the heat of the moment when prodded by passengers or under pressure by outside factors. For example, forecast marginal weather that looks like it could improve slightly might lure you into the air “for a quick look”—only to find that wishful thinking has put you in a perilous situation. Smart decision making means thinking about what could go wrong before it actually does.

So, there’s much more to ADM then a quick thought to anticipate, recognize, and act on issues: Not only should you constantly apply the process so it becomes your best defense against having to admit you’d rather be “down there, then up here,” but you should also assess your decisions properly before and during flight. How? The recently updated Do the Right Thing: Decision Making for Pilots course can help. With three scenarios for VFR pilots and two for IFR pilots, the course offers choices depending on your stage in flying or training. You’ll be asked to make decisions at certain points along a flight and the outcome is determined by the decisions you’ve made—just like in a real flying scenario.  The course, which is optimized for tablet computers so you can access it anytime, allows you to practice those decision-making skills while safely on the ground.

AOPA Air Safety Institute release fuel management video

Fuel mismanagement continues to be a problem among general aviation pilots. The 25th Joseph T. Nall Report, which covers 2013’s safety record in the United States, shows there were nearly 70 fuel-related accidents. It’s a statistic that warrants concern. To help promote best practices in fueling and combat unsafe mindsets and habits, the AOPA Air Safety Institute’s new Fuel Management Made Easy video reviews various techniques to avoid fuel mismanagement—both on the ground and in the air. It explores how to prevent fuel contamination, monitor fuel consumption, and properly operate fuel systems. The video also recommends sensible approaches to flight planning, as well as best practices in fueling and how to spot fuel contamination. Watch the video brought to you by AirBP, and share it with others.

Updated IAOPA Policy Manual Now Available

The IAOPA Policy Manual has been updated and is now available for download on the IAOPA website.  The manual has been rebranded with the new IAOPA logo and is now inclusive of all the resolutions that have been passed to date and includes several position papers that IAOPA have been developed by IAOPA in the past.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact IAOPA Headquarters.

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