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IAOPA Europe has called on the EU Commission to take the steps necessary to implement EASA Opinions that would lessen the regulatory burden on general aviation in Europe. EASA began working to revise European regulations at the urging of IAOPA, and to date they have been very successful at addressing many of the key issues that impact our members. Full details of these efforts, known as the General Aviation Roadmap are detailed in the story below.

Unfortunately, their recommendations which are presented as Opinions to the EU Commission have reached a logjam and have not been converted into corresponding changes in the basic law. Some opinions have been delivered over two years ago.

In the letter to the Commission, IAOPA Senior Vice President, Michael Erb (AOPA Germany) states "IAOPA Europe, together with its colleagues from Europe Air Sports, GAMA, and other associations, have been working hard since 2012 to revise European regulations in the sector of our industry within the framework of the General Aviation Strategy and the resulting General Aviation Roadmap. Immediately after the entry into force of the European regulations for general aviation, there were initially very violent rejection effects due to the excessive regulations, which have now largely disappeared as a result of the General Aviation Roadmap Initiative. A major criticism was above all the enormous cost increases in the maintenance of aircraft by the Part M, which could not even achieve any safety gains.

The cooperation with EASA and the European Commission in the committees such as the EASA SSCC-GA / now GA COM has always been constructive and characterized by mutual respect. In addition to the technical cooperation in the committees, we also support associations in informing the industry by holding events together with the EASA so-called GA Roadshow.

However, we have a big problem: the late entry into force of Part M Light. Two years have passed since the publication of the EASA Opinion 5/2016 in April 2016, and the introduction has been repeatedly announced "for the coming months", which we have communicated to the best of our knowledge and belief. However, as of this date nothing has been done."

"Our members no longer understand any further delays, and we have no arguments. Even if the European Commission has to reduce its budget, a reduction would seriously jeopardize the reputation of the GA Roadmap, EASA, the EU Commission and the associations as well.

Therefore, we urge you to bring the initiated process for the introduction of the Part M Light to a good ending as soon as possible, even if we understand that the Commission must also save in the face of shrinking budgets."

IAOPA Europe will continue to push to get these much-needed changes that will lessen the burden on general aviation operators in Europe.


AOPAs from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the US joined forces at Aero Friedrichshafen, the biggest general aviation event in Europe to get the word out on how IAOPA Europe is working to make Europe more general aviation friendly. Additionally, AOPA Spain was represented in a separate display.

Friedrichshafen - Flight is passion and fascination but also innovation: General aviation was once again the focus at the AERO 2018, especially electric aircraft. At the e-flight-expo, experts presented the latest state of the art technology, aircraft that sail through the skies almost without a sound. After four days, the 26th global show for general aviation came to a close at the fairgrounds in Friedrichshafen on Saturday, April 21, 2018, with an exceptionally positive result. This good result was thanks to 31,100 industry visitors (2016: 30 800) from Europe, Asia, Oceania and the rest of the world, as well as 630 exhibitors from 38 countries. AERO project leader Roland Bosch, who was able to talk to a lot of exhibitors during the show's four days, reported that the mood was decidedly optimistic.

This year, a special focus at the AERO has been on new topics that have been very well received by the industry. The newly created area dedicated to flight simulators was met with strong visitor interest. In light of these large crowds, experts are sure that the Flight Simulation Area offers great potential. Another area that made its premiere was the Helicopter Hangar, where experts on the "worker bee" of aviation come together. Helicopters are known as the worker bee because they perform important services in rescue and work operations, in construction projects in difficult terrain and in aerial observation. The use of civilian drones is also a subject of extensive and controversial discussion in the aviation industry, and with many new exhibitors in attendance, was given a broad platform at the AERO in Friedrichshafen in the West Foyer.

New products were the focus of both the industry and the media at Friedrichshafen. Visitors to the AERO are exceptionally well qualified (60 percent are pilots), with about 60 percent coming from abroad, and they bring this expert knowledge and strong interest in flight to the show. This is especially important for exhibitors, who present a broad spectrum of vehicles at the show, ranging from ultralights weighing 120 kg (265 lbs.) to business jets.

The AERO Friedrichshafen is the international business meeting for general aviation. Ultralights, powered aircraft and business planes are there, as are ultralight helicopters, gyrocopters and many suppliers of pilot equipment as well as cockpit and on-board systems. In the ultralight area in particular, the new 600 kg class was met with strong interest. This an area in which manufacturers expect significant revenue growth in the future. The be a pilot campaign also made a noticeable impact; in the view of the Messe Friedrichshafen team, the efforts to recruit a new generation of pilots with special offerings like drone demos and the simulators area bore fruit.

Courtesy Aero Friedrichshafen.


EASA at AERO 2018: A vision for the future of General Aviation (GA)
Implementation of EASA's simpler, lighter and better rules for the GA community has started to happen – milestones have been reached – enabling safe innovative technologies and safety promotion a growing priority.

At this year's AERO international GA fair (Friedrichshafen, Germany, 18th- 21st April 2018), EASA Certification Director Trevor Woods and his team presented the latest achievements of the GA Roadmap where milestones have been reached and implementation of many improved rules has started to happen. "The GA Roadmap project succeeded in establishing an effective cooperative spirit between EASA, stakeholders and National Aviation Authorities. A true example of Safety Together!", he said, using the new EASA slogan for Safety Promotion activities.

Among the highlights this year are the simplified rulebook for balloon operations, Declared Training Organizations that make life easier for flying schools, and the revamp of Part-21 to simplify the certification process and the approval of organizations designing and producing light aircraft1.

EASA also participated in further activities such as panel discussions and networking meetings. It was also an opportunity to meet with manufacturers and be updated on their newest products and developments. On 18th April, Trevor Woods handed over a ‘Flight Into Known Icing Supplemental Type Certificate (FIKI STC)' for the Vulcanair P.68 to Wolfgang Grumeth, CEO of Airborne Technologies.

Technology for safety (T4S), electric propulsion and drones

EASA is also working on innovative projects involving electrical propulsion, vertical take-off and landing, or air taxi operations – leading and contributing to the success of these projects and to the development and certification of new technologies. In this context, the CS-23 rules, which were rewritten in 2017, are proving to be a strong enabler.

The GA Roadmap has started initiatives for the future development of General Aviation, such as T4S – Technology for Safety. T4S introduces the concept of "Net Safety Benefit", and looks at the operational benefits in addition to the current certification approach where we focus on mitigating risks.

Promoting Safety Together! – set up of a General Aviation Community Site and exchange platform

In moving towards the next step of the GA Roadmap, EASA is taking a more proactive role in Safety Promotion. The slogan Safety Together! underlines that successful safety promotion of General Aviation in Europe needs to be done in close cooperation and partnership. EASA has therefore set up a GA community site where interested individuals and groups can engage, connect, discuss and share ideas. Further communication and safety promotion initiatives include the recently launched EU-wide campaign on avoiding airspace infringement, EASA's multi-language ‘Sunny Swift' cartoon sharing simple and good practices for GA pilots, and the Balloon Rule Book - Easy Access Rules.

This vision as well as new technologies, such as electrical propulsion, vertical take-off and landing and sharing of airspace, will also be discussed at EASA's upcoming 2018 Annual Safety Conference in Vienna later this year (6th – 7thNovember 2018) which will focus on the future of GA.

1 Highlights in 2017 included the rewritten CS-23 enabling development of safe and innovative technologies, simplified maintenance rules and specifications for changes and repairs, a single set of rules for specialized operations and better access to Instrument Flying for GA pilots. (Courtesy EASA)


Air BP is proud to announce the commencement of refueling service operations for JET-A1 & AVGAS at Loannina International Airport and Syros Island Airport. Loannina (LGIO) is the "capital" city of northwest mainland Greece and Syros (LGSO) is the capital island of central Aegean islands of Cyclades like Mykonos, Santorini, Paros, and Naxos. Syros serves as a gateway to a dozen of island hopping opportunities towards close-by Serene Island airport destinations (without fuel). By using these two locations for refuelling and/or entry/exit to Greece (along with long time serving fuel LGST Sitia in Crete to the southeast) you can avoid busier larger and more expensive airports which are full of airline traffic, especially in the summer period. All these airports have IFR approach procedures, they have ample parking space and support General Aviation activity. As those airports are Sterling Card locations, you will benefit from the added convenience of being able to use your card to pay for fuel or alternatively use Air BP's RocketRoute Marketplace App.

For planning details regarding flying in Greece, you can also visit this page by AOPA Hellas www.aopa.gr/Info where all refuel options information is also included.

  • LGIO Airport fuel details: Contact person: Mr. Spyros Xeras Mobile: +306948603506 Email: [email protected] Tel nr:+30 26510 33498
  • LGSO Airport fuel details: Contact person: Mr. Andreas Mandrekas Mobile: +30 6949454764 Email: [email protected] Tel nr:+302281075617

Memorial Hans Gutmann Tourist Rally Flight 2018

Every year pilots from all over Europe fly together, over nice countries paying tribute to famous Austrian aviator Hans GUTMANN, who organized so many long-range trips. Jean BIRGEN, as technical adviser FAI-GAC and board member of UPL-AOPA, has taken initiative to organize the annual memorial long-range rally. A team of individuals volunteered to help in the organization: Mikhail Kornev, secretary general and Artem Kirillov, project manager, Pierre Lorang, accommodation and Tourism.

The last rally of 2017 was from Luxembourg to Saint Petersburg (Russia), via Scandinavian and Baltic countries. 12 aircraft participated and made this event a success. The 2018 rally is going to be in Eastern Europe, culminating in Venice, Italy. Proposed dates are from 13th till 22nd July 2018 under the partnership: "Luxembourg Let's Make It Happen" and the International Aeronautical Federation, FAI-GAC.

The rally starting point is Luxembourg, or your own home base. First meeting point is Jakabzallas (LHJK) in Hungary, the famous Aerohotel. We are planning to visit the following destinations among the Easter European countries: Hungary (Jakabzallas), Moldova (Chisinau), Ukraine (Kiev), Romania (Constanta), Bulgaria (Bourgas), Serbia (Niš), Croatia (Zadar) and Italy (Venice).

In order to meet your best wishes, we ask you if you are able to help us with your advice. If you are interested, need more information or you want to participate, please contact us [email protected].


March 18, 2018 by AOPA Air Safety Institute staff

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These spotlights pool free aviation safety content from the Air Safety Institute (ASI) and the Safety Alliance (formed by ASI and other well-known aviation education providers in the industry), so there's no need to scour the Internet for this material. Instead, the Air Safety Institute provides a common platform that organizes this high-quality, safety-focused content and makes it a breeze to find the information neatly arranged by topic.

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