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IAOPA Prepares for ICAO Economics Panel Discussions | AOPA-Germany Obtains Fuel Tax Refund | IAOPA Europe VP Addresses Galileo Conference | Register Now for IAOPA World Assembly Discount | IAOPA Europe Instrumental in Halting 8.33 MHz Frequency Expansion | AOPA-Israel Marks 30th Anniversary | AOPA-Ghana Address Change | ICAO Flight Safety Information Website | Plan to Attend the 24th IAOPA World Assembly in Athens, Greece, 9-14 June 2008

IAOPA Prepares for ICAO Economics Panel Discussions

ICAO regularly updates guidance in two economics manuals for contracting States regarding airport and air navigation service provider finances and charges.  These documents serve to standardize and regularize fees and charges for services levied by these providers.

IAOPA representatives are preparing for the next joint meeting of the Airport Economics Panel (AEP) and Air Navigation Services Economics Panel (ANSEP) in February 2008 and are concerned with proposals that would delete or reduce the importance of weight-related charges for aircraft operations at airports and within the air traffic control system.  Existing air navigation service providers normally rely on an aircraft gross weight and distance traveled formula to determine fees to be charged for their services.  Deleting or reducing the effect of weight-based charges would have a significant impact on general aviation operations.

The IAOPA secretariat is soliciting inputs from affiliates and interested parties regarding this subject.  Please provide inputs to [email protected] .

AOPA-Germany Obtains Fuel Tax Refund

AOPA-Germany recently won a court case which will enable portions of the general aviation community to receive a federal fuel tax refund.  Under the terms of the agreement all flying for business related activities, corporate flying, commercial flight schools and aerial work will receive the refund.  This hard-won victory will mean that these operators will recover almost one Euro of taxes per liter of avgas used.  This is a significant achievement for AOPA-Germany that has been working on this issue since 2005.

AOPA Managing Director Michael Erb noted, “All private non-commercial activities still have to pay the tax.  This is unfair and shows how immature our tax system is for general aviation.  We plan to work with politicians soon to extend this refund to private pilots.”

IAOPA Europe VP Addresses Galileo Conference

Over 600 participants attended the European GNSS Supervisory Authority Growing Galileo conference in Brussels on 14-15 November 2007, marking the publication of the first FP7 call for proposals for global navigation satellite systems (GNSS)-related research and technological development.  Attendees represented a broad range of interests and stakeholders, including policy-makers, members of industry and the research and academic communities.

IAOPA European Senior Vice President Dr.  Rudolf Gerber addressed the conference regarding general aviation’s views of and expectations for the new system.  In his address Dr.  Gerber first provided information to participants regarding the scope and importance of general aviation to the European economy and in general supported the Galileo and EGNOS initiatives.  Then, he noted, “Authorities should know that all taxes, fees, charges and implementation costs associated with navigation services and certification must be established as a cooperative effort between government regulator, service provider and service user.  Only a joint effort of this nature will yield a workable, safe and effective aviation infrastructure and avoid ‘double taxation’.

“General Aviation doesn’t ask for priorities but for fair recognition.  This unique form of transportation contributes significantly to national economies and provides much needed flexible transportation.”

Register Now for IAOPA World Assembly Discount

The Aero Club of East Africa, parent organization of AOPA-Kenya, held its AGM on 13 October 2007 at Wilson Airport in Nairobi with more than 60 members in attendance. The Chairman reported that the Club was financially solvent and their clubhouse and restaurant continued to be well-attended.

Chairman Harro Trempenau outlined the plans for 2008, including the construction of an Aero Club of East Africa branch club house at Orly Air Park.  In addition he promised that the plan for the coming year would continue as in the past few years: fiscal discipline, a good value for the money, physical improvements and expansion of membership services.  The organization’s simulator project, East African airfield manual, aviation seminars and air rallies would also be continued.  In addition, the digitization of the organization’s archives, as well as continued representation of private pilots and operators with Kenyan Airports Authority and Kenyan Civil Aviation Authority would also remain a top priority.

The Management Committee of the Aero Club for 2007-2008 was elected, as follows: Chairman, Harro Trempenau; Vice-Chairman and Treasurer, Adrian Luckhurst; Vice-Chairman, Kim McKenzie.

IAOPA Europe Instrumental in Halting 8.33 MHz Frequency Expansion

After carefully evaluating repeated petitions from IAOPA the European Commission has temporarily halted the Eurocontrol proposed requirement for communications radios with 8.33 MHz VHF frequency spacing below flight level 195. IAOPA Europe has long held that alternative measures for making best use out of the existing radio spectrum be investigated before requiring 8.33 capable radios for general aviation and military operators.  The Commission has requested, “… further information from Eurocontrol on how the current utilisation of the band could be assessed and the potential gains which might be expected from improved practices.  The outcome would provide the proper basis for a decision on the expansion of the newly adopted Regulation to the airspace below FL 195.”

AOPA-Germany Managing Director and IAOPA European Technical Representative Michael Erb stated, “This is a welcome development that will potentially save European general aviation many millions of Euros.  A well crafted Europe-wide frequency utilization plan should easily prevent users of the lower airspace from reequipping with communications radios with channel spacing less than the existing 25 MHz.”

AOPA-Israel Marks 30th Anniversary

AOPA-Israel began it organizational life as the Israeli Association of General Aviation in November 1977.  To mark the event the association held a special fly-in and ceremony at the Haifa Airport (LLHA) on 23 November.  AOPA-Israel Chairman Yaron Efrat noted  that the day’s program is dedicated to the memory of Yossi Hummel who served as chairman between 1990 and 1994.  The ceremonies included the presentation of an appreciation award to all past chairman, a missing-man formation flight in memory of Hummel, an aerobatic show, magic show, visit to a local air force display/museum and banquet.

IAOPA President Phil Boyer congratulated the association in a special letter noting, “Over the past 30 years AOPA-Israel has been an active supporter of general aviation and of the activities of IAOPA.  While general aviation activity has often proved challenging within Israel your organization has acted as a staunch advocate for its rights and privileges.  The actions of your organization have helped move general aviation forward within your country and provide a future for our form of flying.”

AOPA-Ghana Address Change

AOPA-Ghana President Asiwome Dzakuma notes that the organization’s new address is: P.O.  Box CT 5832, Cantonments Accra, Ghana.

ICAO Flight Safety Information Website

ICAO has developed a new website to provide the aviation community with access to safety related information.  Cooperation between States and information exchange are essential elements for the success of any aviation safety-related activity, in pursuit of the common goal to improve aviation safety.  This site is intended as a portal to existing safety related websites as well as a place to exchange information through various newsgroups.  Regional and country regulations, safety management, safety site links, ICAO Safety Oversight Information, library of ICAO and national safety information publications.  See the site at www.icao.int/fsix.

Plan to attend the 24th IAOPA World Assembly

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