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AOPA Portugal Secures Discounted Handling Charges for AOPA Members | IAOPA Elections | AOPA Luxembourg — 2016 Rally a Success! | IFISA | Real Pilot Story: Trapped on Top | Pass on This Newsletter to Your Members

AOPA Portugal Secures Discounted Handling Charges for AOPA Members

AOPA Portugal has negotiated with Portway Handling de Portugal SA an agreement whereby members of AOPA Portugal and all IAOPA members will benefit from special rates in the handling services provided by Portway at Portuguese airports (Lisboa-LPPT, Porto-LPPR, Faro-LPFR, Funchal-LPMA).

These services include transportation by car between the aircraft and terminal, reserving slots and arranging fuel. The price will be, for 90 minutes' assistance, 90 Euros in Lisbon, 46 Euros in Faro, Porto and Funchal. For flights with arrival one day and departure other day and 120 minute of assistance, the prices will be 103 Euros in Lisbon, 62 Euros in Porto, Faro and Funchal.

Due to a change of policy of Portuguese authorities, since the middle of 2016 all international flights in Portugal, including Schengen flights, should have, as origin or destination, one of these 4 airports, where the usage of handling is mandatory. The only other alternative would be Cascais (LPCS) where handling is not required, but it is still necessary to apply and obtain a previous permission from the Portuguese Aviation Authorities (ANAC).

IAOPA Elections

All affiliates were sent their official IAOPA ballot via email, don't forget to make sure to return the completed ballot no later than December 31st, 2016.  Only one ballot per affiliate can be submitted and it must be completed and signed by the Chief Executive of the association.  The ballot letter also included information on changes that have aligned the IAOPA regions with those established by ICAO.  The change moves Russia into the European Region, Central America into the South American Region, and affiliates located in the Middle East into the African — Middle East Region.  If you have any questions, please contact IAOPA Headquarters directly.

Several affiliates have requested background information on the individuals that have been selected by the Nominating Committee for inclusion in the current ballot.  In order for you to make a more informed decision, each candidate has provided a summary of their qualifications for the Regional Vice President position:

European Region

Dr. Michael Erb -AOPA Germany

Since 2001 Michael Erb is the Managing Director of AOPA-Germany. Currently AOPA-Germany´s constituency is 4,300 members, 60 companies, 70 aero-clubs and 93 flight-schools, altogether they represent 18,000 individuals in our industry. So today they are the third-largest AOPA worldwide and the largest AOPA outside of North America.

At AOPA-Germany he leads a team of eight employees and freelancers, he also coordinates the activities of numerous volunteers within their association.

At IAOPA Europe he has served in various functions: He is the Chairman of the Coordination Team and leads since 2005 the activities of the IAOPA Consortium in the SESAR Project which deals with Research for the Future European ATM-system. In 2014 Michael Erb has also been elected Chairman of EASA´s Consultancy Body for General Aviation and appointed member of EASA´s GA Task Force.

About his background: In 1992 he started working on his pilot´s license after completing his studies in Business Administration. Now he has a PPL-IR under EASA rules, a CPL-IR under the FAA rules and a sport Pilot License under German National Rules. From 1993-1995 he worked for AOPA-Germany as Manager Membership Services. From 1995 until 2001 he was a Manager for Aircraft Financing in a bank. In 2000 he received a Doctor´s Degree in Political Sciences for his thesis "General Aviation in the Tension field between Economy and Ecology".

North American Region

Bernard Gervais -COPA

Bernard Gervais is from Montreal.  

  • President and CEO of COPA since July 2015
  • Past President of the APBQ (or the Quebec Aviators and Bush Pilots Association) and Vice-President of that association for many years before that.
  • Outspoken advocacy of Personal Aviation and flight safety, participated in work sessions and with other aviation groups of the country; took active part in voicing concerns and representing his members for various cases: Aéroports de Montréal landing fees; St-Hubert noise issue; NavCan changes; Seaplane operations, Mascouche airport closing; Bill C-43; etc.
  • Has organized air rallies and provincial air-tours, to promote general aviation and flight safety;
  • Holds a private pilot- airplane license since 2001. Night and seaplane ratings. He has flown many times across the entire Eastern United States importing airplanes, Southern Canada and Northern Quebec.
  • Flies as a 2008 Maule MX-7, mostly from his cottage in the Quebec Laurentians in summer, from anywhere near Montreal at other times.
  • Bilingual, is able to address all cases from anywhere in the country without delay
  • B.Sc. in Physics.

Asia Region

Hao Jianhua -Vice President of AOPA-China

Hao Jianhua has been flying professionally for many years. He has previously held the role of Vice General Manager of China Southern Airlines. With over 20,000 hours flying experience, he is the first Chinese aircraft commander to fly across the Arctic region and the first aircraft commander to fly the Pacific route with ETOPS.

South American Region

George Sucupira — AOPA Brazil

George Sucupira, 72, joined AOPA Brazil almost since its foundation in 1972. From that time on, Sucupira has been a strong supporter for all kinds of situations and roles for AOPA.  Sucupira has the aviation spirit on his life since a young child.  He started his aviation life when only 10-12 years old, financing his initial flying experience by saving the money to be spent on the school bus, walking home instead.  As a brilliant student, Sucupira attended selection tests for the Air Force, Marine and Army, always having in mind his dream of becoming a pilot. Approved for all three forces, he joined the Air Force Cadet Preparatory School and the Air Force Academy.  Sucupira became an air force pilot and retiring as Colonel.  While in the Air Force he became a lawyer and got his master and doctorate in Constitutional Studies.  As a lawyer, Sucupira developed his professional life outside the Air Force, but kept his dedication to aviation, by voluntarily spending part of his time for AOPA in Brazil.  Sucupira took part as AOPA Financial Director, Vice President, President and Chairman, his current position.  As AOPA representative he was deeply involved in the protection of the general aviation through several institutional and technical initiatives, including the initial initiatives in the creation of the Brazilian Civil Aviation Agency, all Brazilian ATC formal workgroups and the Latin American debate regarding the civil aviation regulatory affairs for the continent.

Jaime I. Fabrega -AOPA Panama

I have been involved in aviation since 1976. Currently I have the following Licenses and Type Ratings: Airplane: Land, Single & Multi Engine, Instrument and Commercial. Type Rated on Cessna Citation 500 Single Pilot. Helicopter: Commercial, Flight Instructor and Functional Test Pilot.

Was the founder and owner of Helix Craft, a Charter company that operates in the Republic of Panama. It was sold on October 2,007

Was General Director of Servicio Aereo Nacional (National Air Services), the equivalent of the Air Force, from September 2004 Until September 2007

Currently I own International Air Services, a company which provides Consultant Services on topics related to aviation in the Republic of Panama.

At the same time, I am the President of Asociacion Panameña de Aviacion/ AOPA Panama.

I have the title of Civil Engineering with a Master Degree (BS Mechanical Engineering) on Manufacturing, Automation and Robotics from Villanova University, PA, USA.

Africa-Middle East Region

Chris Martinus - AOPA South Africa

Chris Martinus' first involvement with aviation was as an aerial photographer with the South African Air Force in the early 1970s during the Angolan Bush War. His functions were aerial reconnaissance from Canberra bombers, Dassault Mirage III fighters and Alouette III helicopters fitted with cameras.  In the Air Force he also began learning to fly at the Defense Force Flying Club.

Later as a journalist, IT professional and electronic designer running his own electronic manufacturing business, he bought his first aircraft in 1994.  He currently owns a Mooney M20 and a Maule M5 which he flies for business and personal use from an airstrip at his home in the countryside near Johannesburg.

Chris was one of the founders of the South African Airfield Owners Association in 2008.  He later joined the board of AOPA South Africa and has been very active since that time dealing primarily with regulatory and legislative matters. Chris has been a member of the South African Civil Aviation Regulations Committee, a body which recommends and develops civil aviation regulations, and also is an active member of the National Airspace Committee which deals with the designation of airspaces.  As a member of the South African PBN committee, he monitors the impact of new procedures on general aviation pilots and VFR operations.

In 2010 Chris was elected as vice president of AOPA South Africa and was active in the hosting of the IAOPA World Assembly in Cape Town, South Africa in 2012.  He continued in his functions of protecting general aviation in South Africa from excessive regulation and promoting pilots' freedom to fly.


AOPA Luxembourg — 2016 Rally a Success!

For the 5th time in a row, a "MEMORIAL HANS GUTMANN TOURIST RALLY FLIGHT GEORGIA 2016" was organized in the adventurous spirit of late Austrian aviator Hans Gutmann.  This year's lustrum rally brought us to a very special and brand new general aviation destination, the beautiful country of Georgia in the European Caucasus.

The preparation started back in 2015, when Luxembourg based private pilot Peter Sodermans established contact with the owner's airfield of Natakhtari (UGSA), north of the Georgian capital Tbilisi. An exploration team was put together with the organizer of the previous rally, Jean Birgen (FAI-GAC long range rally organizer), as well as Luxembourg based private pilots Artem Kirillov and Mike Kornev.

During this 4-day exploration tour in 2015, these 4 pilots were able to check the various airfields and establish contacts with aviation authorities in Georgia. They were well received in person by the young Georgian State Minister for EU and Atlantic integration, David Bakradze. The minister proved to be an aviation enthusiast and pledged his full support to the development of general aviation in his country.  The bold plan to setup the lustrum edition of the "MEMORIAL HANS GUTMANN TOURIST RALLY FLIGHT GEORGIA 2016" to Georgia was born.  For full details of the rally, please contact AOPA Luxembourg.


The International Flight Information Service Association (IFISA) has invited IAOPA member associations to participate in their goal of bringing global standards to Flight Information Services.

Entry Points North, an air traffic services training academy in Sweden, had been hosting Flight Information Service Officer (FISO) seminars continuously for 7 years.  In September of 2015, both NAV CANADA and the Air Traffic Specialists Association of Canada (ATSAC) attended for the first time bringing a North America presence to this event.  This was also the official formation of the International Flight Information Service Association (IFISA).  They are currently working on phraseology standards for the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has also expressed interest in the new organization. The 2017 seminar will be hosted in Warsaw, and they expect global participation.

IFISA Mission Statement: To further the professional status of Flight Information Services, to enhance its stature and to promote aviation safety both nationally and internationally.

IFISA Goals:  To protect and safeguard the interests of the Flight Information Service Officer. To establish a close working relationship for ICAO & EASA to improve and standardize the FISO service internationally. To allow national FISO associations/unions/trade unions to work together for the first time.

  • SAFETY: To promote safety, efficiency and regularity in International air navigation.
  • ASSIST DEVELOPMENT: To assist and advise in the development of safe and orderly systems for the Flight Information Service.
  • PROMOTE KNOWLEDGE: To promote and uphold a high standard of knowledge and professional efficiency amongst Flight Information Service Operators.
  • CO-OPERATE WITH AUTHORITIES: To closely co-operate with International and National aviation authorities and institutions concerning the Flight Information Service.

At the last IFISA Executive Board meeting, they realized that they needed stakeholder input in order to determine what requirements and interests they should be focusing on as they move towards international standards for Flight Information Services, both enroute and aerodrome. They have extended an invitation for member states of IAOPA to attend the 2017 seminar and/or become members of IFASA (no charge) to be kept up to date and be able to provide input. Further details are available from their website.

Real Pilot Story: Trapped on Top

Aviation mishaps include many instances of situations where pilots were reluctant to confess they were in trouble and didn't ask for help. As a result, lives that could have been saved were lost. So we should recognize when it's time to ask for help.
A good example of a flight that could well have ended in a fatal mishap because the pilot delayed asking for help is the Air Safety Institute's Real Pilot Story: Trapped on Top. The story unfolds on a beautiful morning at Afton, Wyoming, when Mooney pilot Ken Lawson—who was not instrument current—set out on a quest to deliver Christmas gifts to his son and family in North Bend, Washington. As the flight progressed, low-lying clouds began to move in, trapping Lawson and his airplane on top. This unforeseen flight condition forced him to fly past his destination and beyond his alternate while slowly depleting the fuel tanks in search for a break in the overcast. When he finally reached out to air traffic control (ATC) it was almost too late. He was close to losing critical instrumentation that he would need to depend on for spatial orientation in the clouds during the unexpected IFR descent he'd have to make.  Watch the video for lessons learned and why you shouldn't hesitate to reach out for help.

Pass on This Newsletter to Your Members

Nothing can keep existing members, and attract new members like reminding them of the great work that IAOPA affiliates, and IAOPA, are doing on national, regional, and international levels to keep them flying. Great work is being done in all parts of the globe to advance the interests of general aviation and the best way to share the message is to make sure that this newsletter gets to as many members and non-members alike. So I encourage you to publish this on your website, send on via email to your members, and do what you can to help spread the word.

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