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IAOPA 2008 World Assembly to be Held in Athens, Greece | IAOPA Participates in ICAO UAS Working Group Meeting | UK Pilots Appeal Land Use Policy to Protect Airfields | European Commission Imposes Universal Fuel Taxes for Private Aviation | Join IAOPA Europe at AERO Friedrichshafen

IAOPA 2008 World Assembly to be Held in Athens, Greece

On 23 January 2007 IAOPA President Phil Boyer announced the location of the organization's 24th World Assembly. In a message to Ms. Yiouli Kalafati, AOPA-Hellas (Greece) President, he said, "I am pleased to inform you that AOPA-Hellas has submitted the winning bid to host the 2008 IAOPA World Assembly in Athens, Greece. Our choice was made more difficult this time because of the three high quality proposals submitted, all from Mediterranean States. However, the decision was based on your proposal's comprehensiveness, extensive government and sponsor support, cost controls and overall quality. The enthusiasm, drive and commitment to general aviation shown by you and your organization have always been impressive; I'm sure that you will conduct a high quality assembly for our delegates."

The IAOPA World Assembly is held every two years to gather delegates from the organization's 65 affiliates to discuss current and anticipated challenges to the world general aviation community. The several days of presentations and discussions yield a series of resolutions designed to provide guidance for future worldwide general aviation operations.

The 24th World Assembly is currently scheduled to be held in Athens 9-14 June 2008. A formal announcement will be made once final arrangements have been made.

IAOPA Participates in ICAO UAS Working Group Meeting

Frank Hofmann, IAOPA Representative to ICAO met with two-dozen State and industry representatives 11-12 January to create a framework for ICAO involvement with unmanned aerial systems. Since many States have already devised guidelines and standards for UAS, ICAO will draw upon their experiences and expertise to draft guidelines for international UAS operations. The working group will continue their work throughout the year and meet again in Montreal in September. Their objective is to produce a comprehensive ICAO UAS manual later this year.

During the meeting Mr. Hofmann reiterated his comments made in previous UAS meetings regarding infringement on uncontrolled airspace by unmanned vehicles and the potential loss of airspace to their operation. Safety of flight involving these devices operating in the vicinity of general aviation aircraft is a great concern.

UK Pilots Appeal Land Use Policy to Protect Airfields

"We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to give consideration to a threat to airfields across the UK which might be considered "brownfield" sites for redevelopment as a result of a flawed new planning policy statement from the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG)." Thus begins the AOPA-UK sponsored petition that has accumulated more than 8,500 signatures at press time. This is being done in an attempt to rectify an apparent oversight in a government policy statement regarding development of property previously developed as airfields. Other partially developed sites (brownfields) would be eligible for full residential development, yet a previous governmental policy statement specifically excluded airfields from large-scale development.

AOPA-UK CEO Martin Robinson noted, "Many airfields located close to urban areas are attractive targets for developers; the government must make clear its guidance regarding the preservation of our valuable airfields."

European Commission Imposes Universal Fuel Taxes for Private Aviation

Until last November, European States could seek to be exempted from aviation fuel taxes for private aviation; some 10 countries took advantage of this provision for many years. At the end of last year the EC issued a directive rescinding exemption privileges, effectively imposing aviation fuel taxes on all private aviation operations within Europe. This was done in spite of approximately a dozen States' applications for exemption.

The Commission decision, however, permits member States, whose private pleasure flying sector will suffer difficulties from the end of the excise duty exemption, to adopt unspecified measures aimed at "alleviating or mitigating problems of transition to the regime of standard taxation". IAOPA Europe is currently exploring ways to use this provision to their advantage.

Join IAOPA Europe at AERO Friedrichshafen

IAOPA Europe invites all pilots and aviation operators to its expanded presence and programs at the 19-22 April 2007 AERO Friedrichshafen general aviation industry exhibit and airshow. Set in the attractive venue of a Germany resort area, the biennial AERO has become the premier general aviation event in Europe. AOPA-Germany and Switzerland will be major exhibitors at the show and will host space for IAOPA European representatives.

On Friday, 20 April, IAOPA Europe has arranged for representatives from Eurocontrol, JAA, and the European Commission to address the topic, "General Aviation Regulatory Focus" in presentations available to the public. Representatives will address issues regarding airspace allocation, required equipment, and operating regulations. The semi-annual IAOPA European Regional Meeting will be held for delegates at the AERO site on Sunday, 22 April.

For more information about Aero Friedrichshafen, see the Web site.

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