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AOPA-South Africa to Host 2012 World Assembly | IAOPA Makes the Case for ELT Alternatives | IAOPA Europe Challenges the EASA Continuing Airworthiness Concepts | Request for Input - ICAO Global Runway Safety Symposium | Review World Assembly Resolutions for Action | AOPA-US Airport Support Network Grows | “What is General Aviation?” Brochure


AOPA-South Africa to Host 2012 World Assembly

The IAOPA World Assembly is held every two years in a location provided by the AOPA affiliate selected to act as the host organization. AOPA-South Africa will host the assembly at a location and time to be selected, most likely in the Cape Town area in April or May 2012, which is during their fall season.

Secretary General John Sheehan recently completed a site visit of several venues within South Africa. He noted, “The venues were all quite suitable but the South African’s selection of the Cape Town area is a very good choice. The geography, climate and attractions of the region make it an ideal location. Negotiations are underway between AOPA-South Africa and hotel operators to find the best location for our needs.”

AOPA-South Africa Chairman Koos Marais said, “We are very pleased to be selected for the site of this significant event. We feel that we can provide delegates and observers with a great meeting venue along with memorable tours of one of our most attractive regions. This is an ideal point from which to enjoy the rest of our beautiful country, as well.”

Details regarding the assembly date and location will be provided shortly.

IAOPA Makes the Case for ELT Alternatives

IAOPA has challenged the suitability and reliability of the 406 mHz Emergency Locator Transmitter for more than a decade. Unfortunately, world satellite consortia, SAR providers and State governments have adamantly maintained their choice of the ELT, permitting no alternative distress location devices.

IAOPA was recently denied participation in the COSPAS-SARSAT meeting of experts who have been charged with the responsibility for identifying the next generation of locator device to work with the forthcoming MESOSTAT satellite constellation.

COPA President Kevin Psutka, and IAOPA Representative to ICAO Frank Hofmann met with the Canadian government’s delegation to the COSPAS-SARSAT expert’s meeting in an effort to have them bring forward several alternative emergency locating systems as alternatives. Unfortunately, the SAR community appears to be wedded to the existing ELT concept, regardless of evidence indicating that the existing ELT design and installation concepts are flawed.

IAOPA will continue to work with parties involved in SAR to improve the existing system.

IAOPA Europe Challenges the EASA Continuing Airworthiness Concepts

The European Aviation Safety Agency has proposed regulations that greatly increase the type and amount of maintenance actions required for the continuing airworthiness of light aircraft. Significantly, these proposals would make manufacturers’ recommended practices mandatory, in some cases doubling or tripling the amount of required maintenance for general aviation aircraft. And all of this is done with little or no justification for these stringent measures.

IAOPA Europe recently submitted its comments to EASA on these proposals, noting that, “Adhering to State of manufacturer-approved maintenance schedules will minimize the risk of unintentional consequences from any national variations in terminology, since Maintenance Manuals issued by the Type Certificate holders are written in their own legal context. Service Bulletins, Service Letters and Service Instructions should not by default have to be included in the Aircraft Maintenance Program as compiled by the Continuing Airworthiness Organization; this position conforms to the intent of Part M… IAOPA urges EASA, to clarify to the NAA, CAMOs and owners that the referenced manuals are not the basis for maintenance programs regarding those EASA-issued Type Certificates that mirror the original FAA-issued Type Certificate but differ from the original by including the Maintenance Manual, Service Bulletins and Service Instructions as “Service Instructions.”

Coincidently, AOPA-South Africa is working with its CAA to achieve similar goals regarding aircraft maintenance. Specifically, they are requesting that the CAA rescind regulations requiring mandatory overhaul and replacement times based only on manufacturer’s recommendations.

Request for Input - ICAO Global Runway Safety Symposium

IAOPA has been invited to make a presentation at the runway safety symposium to be held in May. The meeting will examine causes of all runway safety issues – not just incursions. Runway excursions, vehicle interference, pilot training and safety management will also be covered. See http://www2.icao.int/en/GRSS2011/default.aspx.

Please provide input regarding your organization’s or State’s efforts in these areas in support of IAOPA’s presentation. Suggested courses of action are also welcome. Send your input to [email protected] prior to 28 February.

Review World Assembly Resolutions for Action

The 25th IAOPA World Assembly is now a pleasant memory in our minds. However, the real purpose and product of the assembly remains current and valid, that of acting on the resolutions that were developed at that event.

The majority of those resolutions require action by both the Secretariat and each affiliate AOPA. Whether it be growing the pilot population, getting State’s to take responsibility for preserving aerodromes or protecting the pilot rating structure in Europe, action is required by your AOPA. Please review and take action on those resolutions applicable to your organization; see listing under Current Activities at http://www.iaopa.org/index.html. News regarding your progress on these issues will be published in these pages; please let us know of your activities.

AOPA-US Airport Support Network Grows

The AOPA-US Airport Support Network passed a major milestone recently and now has more than 2,200 volunteers helping keep tabs on what’s happening at airports all across the country. More than 300 new volunteers joined the program in 2010 alone.

The Airport Support Network is made up of volunteers who pass along information about their local airports to AOPA’s Airports and State Affairs staff in Frederick, Md., so AOPA can, in turn, provide support and materials that help the volunteer be an effective community advocate on behalf of the airport.

“The most effective advocacy effort is the one that prevents a problem from ever occurring,” said Greg Pecoraro, AOPA’s vice president of airports and state affairs. “The volunteers of the Airport Support Network are vital to AOPA’s efforts for two reasons: they keep us informed of what’s going on at their home airports – the good and the troublesome; and at least as importantly, they live there and are part of the community and work to promote the airport to the public, opinion leaders, and decision makers.

“Airport Support Network volunteers do make a difference. Working with local volunteers, AOPA has been able to prevent the closure of or restrictions at hundreds of airports across the country.”

“What is General Aviation?” Brochure

Several IAOPA affiliates have recently requested information regarding the scope and variety of general aviation operations for use with government and media contacts. IAOPA has a colorful brochure available on its web site at http://www.iaopa.org/what-is-general-aviation/ga-serving.html. Printed copies are available from [email protected]

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