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Plan to attend the 26th IAOPA World Assembly Stellenbosch, South Africa, 10-15 April 2012

Register for the World Assembly

Register as soon as possible to permit AOPA-South Africa, our hosts, to properly plan for all of the logistics involved in this complex undertaking. Our host, Dr. Koos Marais, Chairman of AOPA-South Africa recently sent an email to IAOPA affiliate organizations, describing the attractions of his country. Excerpts: “We are very excited about the IAOPA World Assembly taking place in our beautiful country, exactly twenty years since it last did, and exactly fifty years after IAOPA was formed. Registrations are coming in at a satisfying pace but we want to have all affiliates attend this memorable event. You can register on-line at http://www.iaopa2012.co.za/.

“Assembly headquarters is at the Spier Hotel, a luxury hotel with large rooms and all amenities such as a spa, wildlife rehabilitation centre and working wine farm. …April is Africa’s most beautiful month. It is neither too hot nor too cold. We experience very little rain during this autumn period.

“You should make the most of your trip by adding a pre- or post-congress tour. It is the ideal time of the year to visit Kruger National Park, the Garden Route, the Kalahari Desert, Durban, the KwaZulu Natal game reserves or one of our neighbouring countries, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe or Mozambique.

“I invite you to explore all the possibilities our sub-continent has to offer. If you need some information I am willing to personally communicate with you. Our agents, Seasons Travel, are also willing to assist you with your planning.”

World Assembly Business Program

The concept of this World Assembly’s business sessions will be to concentrate on just five instead of 10-12 in the past assemblies. Each session will open with several brief presentations setting the scene for discussion. Then, the moderator will open the floor to discussion by delegates, concentrating on several key questions and attempting to reach consensus on action plans/resolutions. The object of these discussions (up to 1.5 hours each) will be to reach conclusions that may be turned into resolutions to be transmitted to affiliates, regulatory bodies and news media around the world. Subjects to be covered:

  • Airspace - Allocation and Use
  • Regulations – Making them Work for Us
  • Fees and Charges – Controlling and Justifying
  • Airports – Promoting and Protecting Them
  • AOPAs Working Together for Common Purposes

Aviation Unites to Attack EASA Fees

The entire aviation world has mounted a concerted attack on European Aviation Safety Agency over its scale of fees and charges, which are characterised as inexplicably high and are acting as a major drag on the aviation industry in Europe. IAOPA has joined organisations representing every facet of regulated aviation in writing to the Chairman of the EASA Board of Management expressing concern at the damaging effect of EASA’s fees. The letter comments of the disproportionate charges levied on general aviation and demands that they be reduced through a programme of cost-cutting at EASA.

Martin Robinson, who represents IAOPA Europe on the EASA Advisory Body which agreed the text of the letter, says: “We are particularly gratified that our colleagues in the airline world, in aviation manufacturing and in other areas which have up to now not identified closely with general aviation are united on this issue. This makes it very difficult for EASA and the European Commission to ignore.

“From general aviation’s standpoint, we have always said that none of EASA’s major overheads – big offices, large staffs – would be necessary at all if the organisation existed solely for the regulation of general aviation, so it is unfair that general aviation should be forced to pay such significant sums towards those overheads.”

The full text of the letter may be found in the IAOPA Europe February newsletter at http://www.iaopa.eu/.

AOPA-Luxembourg Activities

AOPA-Luxembourg President Nicolas Bannasch reports that last fall their government introduced new taxes to be paid for “every imaginable service” rendered by the Luxembourg Direction de l’Aviation Civile (DAC). He notes, “Together with the Luxembourg Aero-Club “Fédération Aéronautique Luxembourgeoise” (FAL) we struggled to keep those taxes at the lowest possible level. Some of the initial requested amounts were reduced. Others are still under examination.

“We are also concerned with the implementation of the new EASA-Flight Crew Licencing scheme; we are entering discussions with the DAC regarding the effect of these proposals on Luxembourg’s national licences.”

AOPA-Luxembourg organizes a number of training courses, fly-outs, safety seminars and training flights throughout the year. For further information see http://upl-aopa.lu/.

Italy Imposes High Taxes on General Aviation Aircraft

In December the Italian government imposed annual taxes on airplanes, and selected automobiles and boats in an effort to reduce their national debt. Under this tax the owner of a Piper Arrow, for instance, will have to pay an annual weight-based tax of €3,250 just for the privilege of being registered in Italy. More importantly, all aircraft not on the Italian registry remaining in Italy for more than 48 hours will be subject to the same tax.

IAOPA Secretary General John Sheehan responded to these new taxes by providing the following comments to the highest levels of the Italian government:

“While some believe that general aviation aircraft are luxury items used by the wealthy, the truth is that these aircraft are used by the general population for personal and business transportation, proficiency flying to promote safety, and recreation in the same manner as personal automobiles are used….The imposition the tax set forth by D.L. 201/2011 for a typical four-seat single-engine airplane would add approximately € 2,800 to the operator’s annual operating costs. When this is added to the sharply rising charges for aviation imposed by EU regulations regarding airworthiness, pilot proficiency, security, fuel taxes, airspace and airport use fees, etc., the operation of these aircraft becomes prohibitively expensive…. All of these scenarios carry economic and trade consequences; thousands of Italian jobs will be lost for those who sell, service, maintain and perform other support functions for general aviation aircraft. Trade and tourism revenues will be lost, with Italy becoming a pariah State within the international general aviation community. Incidentally, the imposition of taxes on foreign registered aircraft may contravene provisions of Article 15 of the ICAO Convention on International Aviation.”

AOPA-Italy is vigorously opposing these taxes.

Sweden’s Bromma Airport Threatened with Closure to GA

Lennart Persson, AOPA-Sweden sends the following news: “Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, has closed two excellent general aviation, former military, airports in the last seven years. The only hard surfaced airport left, Bromma, is now being turned into a mass-travel commercial airport. The state owned operator is using an array of brute force methods to get rid of the remainder of General Aviation traffic which kept the airport running for many years in the past.”

Both IAOPA headquarters and Europe have joined with AOPA-Sweden in advising them on how stop this move and/or provide similar facilities within the Stockholm area.

AOPA-Finland Revived

AOPA-Finland’s activities lapsed into inactivity several years ago, but a new group has just been granted provisional affiliate status by IAOPA President Craig Fuller. Esa Harju, an avid private pilot since 2001 said, “Since AOPA-Finland's activity and resources have been low and minimal in recent years, there has not been any organization promoting general aviation's interests here in Finland. For that reason, a group of active private pilots here in Oulu, Finland, have organized meetings during last weeks to make fresh start with new resources and ideas in order to represent AOPA's guidelines, policy and requirements.” The existing organization on which the revived AOPA is based upon is Suomen Moottorilentäjien Liitto, located in Oulu. See their web site at www.aopa-finland.com/.

Kavala Air Show Will Shine Again

Anton Koutsoudakis, AOPA-Greece board member, sends: “The Major of Kavala, a small town in Northern Greece, officially announced that Kavala Air Show is to take place again June 22-24, 2012. The first even took place in June 2011 and it was an outright success. More than 20,000 spectators were gathered in the small town (population 60,000) for the event. The economic impact on the local market was substantial. So, it was decided to make it a yearly event. It is the first time that local Authorities are to make a profit, by promoting the cause of General Aviation. Local community is to profit, out of the thousands of spectators. General Aviation on the other hand, is to benefit from the high publicity of the event.

“AOPA-Greece together with Egnatia Aviation provided the required technical assistance for the first time, and they are going to do it again. Egnatia Aviation is a major European aviation training establishment, based at Kavala Airport. AOPA-Greece is working hard to make it the biggest General Aviation event for Southeastern Europe.” See http://kavala-airshow.com/en/.

AOPA-Greece has its own Aviation Magazine

An agreement was announced between AOPA-Greece and the owners of the only General Aviation magazine in Greece “RBF” (Remove Before Flight). According to this agreement, a member of the board of AOPA-Greece will work together with the editor of the magazine, who happens to be a private pilot himself and a member of AOPA-Greece. Together they will be responsible for the long term planning of the magazine and also they will cooperate in the setting-up of each edition. Also, AOPA-Greece’s logo will be combined with that of the magazine.

Ukraine Air Show

AOPA-Ukraine, the Research and Development Institute of Flight Test Technologies, the Airport Ushgorod and the international Biker Club Padonki invites you to the Festival Music Avia Bike Ukraine, July 12 – 16, 2012. For more information, see http://www.aopa.com.ua/images/files/Fly_in_Ushgorod_eng.pdf or www.aopa.com.ua/novosti-aopa-ukraina/.

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