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IAOPA Elects New Officers | IAOPA Welcomes 2 new affiliates | AOPA Australia calls on CASA to give a genuine commitment to consult and negotiate on ADSB 2020 extension | Arctic Day Aviation Summit in Haparanda, Sweden | AOPA Luxembourg – 2016 Rally a Success, announces schedule for 2017 | Four Rules for Safe Multiengine Flying | AOPA ASI launches Safety Alliance | Link to IAOPA Europe Newsletter | Pass on This Newsletter to Your Members

Editor’s note: Effective January 2017, IAOPA eNews will be distributed on the last day of the month, versus the first day as has been done in the past. This will allow for the capture of news in the month that it occurs and should facilitate an orderly story archiving and retrieval process. I hope that this change has not caused you any inconvenience and that you will find that this format works better for you and your members.

IAOPA Elects New Officers

Results of the IAOPA Officer election have been finalized, and the following are elected to serve as Officers of the Association for an effective term of 1 January, 2017 through December 31, 2019.

Senior Vice President:    Dr. Michael Erb, (Germany), European Region
Vice President:                 Bernard Gervais, (COPA), North American Region
Vice President:                 Hao Jianhua, (China), Asian Region
Vice President:                 Chris Martinus, (South Africa), Africa/Middle East Region
Vice President:                 Jaime Fabrega, (Panama), South American Region
Vice President:                 Phillip Reiss, (Australia), Pacific Region

Ken Mead has been reappointed to IAOPA Chief Counsel, Erica Saccoia has been reappointed as Treasurer, and Craig Spence has been reappointed as Secretary General of IAOPA.

As IAOPA looks to the future and explores ways to engage ICAO at the regional level, the importance of the regional VP program will increase. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact IAOPA Headquarters for more details.

IAOPA Welcomes 2 new affiliates

The President of IAOPA has granted provisional membership to two new affiliates; AOPA Indonesia and AOPA Costa Rica.  If approved by the IAOPA Board, they will become the 77th and 78th IAOPA Affiliates.

To provide you with a bit of background on each of the organizations, and what factors influenced their decision to join IAOPA, please read a brief history written in their own words. 

AOPA Indonesia - Coming from deep appreciation towards Indonesia’s long-standing aviation heritage which dates back almost 100 years, and recognizing the tremendous potential its future holds, an idea was conceived to establish a non-profit organization that aims to build, strengthen, and nurture the very foundation of the aviation spirit – General Aviation (GA). With the country’s economy very much on the rise and its unique geographical features offering countless opportunities on the horizon, it is not difficult to envision that aviation would play an integral part. This was the impetus for forming AOPA Indonesia (AOPA-ID) and on 27 October, 2016 papers were filed with the Ministry of Law and Human Rights setting up the organization.

As an official affiliate of the International Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (IAOPA), a nonprofit federation of 78 autonomous, nongovernmental, national general aviation organizations with headquarters in the United States, AOPA-ID will serve as an advocate and partner to Indonesia’s GA community. The organization stands to represent the interest of its members while also promoting the public’s awareness towards GA and upholding the values of inter-profession collaboration throughout its engagement. As part of the broader aviation ecosystem, AOPA-ID makes strong endeavors in working alongside various stakeholders such as the government, regulatory bodies, and organizations – both local and international, to identify areas that can be further developed and strive to achieve a sustainable future for aviation in Indonesia and its neighboring regions.

AOPA Costa Rica - It was time all private pilots were talking about starting an organization that could represent them before the authorities, and fight back against threats encroaching on their freedom and rights. So, four pilots started to meet at a fast food restaurant, defining what they wanted and what they needed.

In one of these meetings, someone proposed creating an AOPA organization and affiliate to IAOPA, to have a better and more solid background, with a well-known name, and support from an international, established and recognized organization.

So, we started to move and write the bylaw and involve more people in the project. This is what led to the birth of AOPA Costa Rica (Asociación de Aviación General y Turística).

Now we are at the beginning, but we trust, with the efforts and the contribution off all the people who love aviation, in becoming a protagonist entity on the civil aviation scene in Costa Rica.”

AOPA Australia calls on CASA to give a genuine commitment to consult and negotiate on ADSB 2020 extension

AOPA Australia continues to fight for its members with the Civil Aviation Safety Agency (CASA) over the ADS-B requirements being implemented that will further reduce an already depressed general aviation sector in Australia.  In their letter to CASA, AOPA Australia pointed out that during the initial ADS-B implementation consultation, whereby AOPA Australia supported the ADS-B concept, was based on a promise that a subsidy be provided to aircraft owners ($15,000 to IFR and $10,000 to VFR).  Since the original proposal, Airservices and CASA have rolled-back support for the subsidy, forcing the general aviation industry to bear the full cost of the $46.3 million ADS-B equipage.

AOPA Australia throughout the initial ADS-B consultation worked hard to ensure that only IFR aircraft would be subjected to the mandatory fitment.  Their involvement prevented thousands of VFR aircraft from being forced to prematurely install, saving the industry tens of millions. 

Their policy remains that the Australian general aviation industry is due fair compensation for the forced ADS-B fitment, given that its introduction is focused entirely on benefits it provides to the airline industry and savings it will achieve for Airservices Australia over the coming 5 years.  They also cite the efforts of the United States FAA to establish government backed interest free loans for aircraft owners/operators and rebates and incentives to help the FAA achieve industry compliance. 

AOPA Australia highlights that since the initial ADS-B consultation nine years ago, the general aviation industry under CASA’s regulatory management has experienced;

35% decline in general aviation pilot numbers, over 8,00 pilots exiting the industry
50% increase in the number of general aviation aircraft not flying, estimated now to be over 4,000
35% reduction in general aviation fuel sales
Largest number of general aviation business closures in the past 20 years.

AOPA Australia considers the impact of forced ADS-B compliance as being contributory to general aviation decline, with the mandate coming into full effect during a time of sincere economic distress for many general aviation businesses.  Now more than ever our general aviation industry and business community requires both regulatory and financial assistance, so as to ease the burden of the ADS-B installation requirement and avoid inducing further business closures.

Full text of the letter can be found on their Facebook page.

Arctic Day Aviation Summit in Haparanda, Sweden

The Arctic Day Aviation Summit, traditionally a Northern Finland aviation meeting, was held this year as a cross-border event in Haparanda, Sweden in 21st of January.

This year event was organized by Pohjolan Moottorilentajat, Perameren ilmailuyhdistys and Kemin Laskuvarjokerho (Northern GA Pilots, Aviation Club Bay of Bothnia and Kemi Skydiving Club). Arctic Aviation Day were open on all interested and seats were taken for the whole day from 10 am to 5 pm. Topics covered included;

Military Aviation Safety
DTO training organization requirements by CAA
NCO requirements for non-commercial skydiving operations by CAA
Part M changes by CAA
Kemi-Tornio, EFKE, airport operations on this summer by Finavia
Strategy and Objectives by Finnish Aeronautical Association
AOPA Finland operations and activities as well as member benefits e.g. EasyVFR

All lecturers were astonished by the active questions from the attendees, but with a tight schedule the discussions continued on coffee breaks and during lunch time. 

Arctic Aviation Day Summit was very successful event gathering over 60 pilots all around the Northern Finland but also from Southern Finland. EasyVFR training and guidance was given during the breaks and before the dinner when fingers were still accurate enough to tap on displays of tablets.

After dinner the program consisted of experimental aircraft presentation by Mr. Pasi Pietarila about his Cozy Mk4 status.  Following that various aviation club representatives talked about their operations around Northern Finland.

AOPA Finland will be organizing Pilot Upgrade Seminars as they have done in years past in various locations around the country later in this spring.  The seminars are designed to explain the latest NCC, NCO, SPO, Part M and DTO developments to all Finnish GA pilots.

AOPA Luxembourg – 2016 Rally a Success, announces schedule for 2017

Last month AOPA Luxembourg reported on the results of the 2016 Hans Gutmann flyout; now is the time to mark your calendars for the 2017 journey.  Every year pilots from all over Europe fly together, across borders, over nice countries paying tribute to famous Austrian airman Hans GUTMANN, who organized so many long-range trips in the previous decades, built his own airplanes and circumnavigated the world twice.

The last rally of 2016 was from Luxembourg to Georgia. Pilots traveled over 4000 nautical miles from Europe to Georgia. Over 10 aircraft participated and made this event a success.

The 2017 rally, MID SUMMER NIGHTS, will take place in June 2017, from 15th to 25th June. This year the rally route is going to be via the Scandinavian and Baltic countries, culminating in Saint Petersburg, Russia.  For complete details email the event organizers at [email protected].

Four Rules for Safe Multiengine Flying

While multiengine airplanes generally offer better performance and greater safety, those benefits also come with special strings attached. Ask any multiengine pilot: Learning to fly with two engines means flying most of your training with one simulated failed engine. Why the emphasis on single-engine operations in a twin? In certain instances, piston-twin single-engine performance adversely affects the aircraft’s handling stability and its ability to climb. This can be especially hazardous close to the ground during takeoff and climbout, when “losing” one engine (or 50 percent power) in a typical piston twin translates to losing about 80 to 90 percent performance—meaning a climb may no longer be possible.

In Taming the Twin: Four Rules for Safe Multiengine Flying, the Air Safety Institute explores some of the proactive things pilots can do to ensure a safe outcome on every multiengine flight. Watch the video, listen to the experts, and take in some of the finer points of flying a twin.

Video made possible by the Canadian Owners and Pilots Association and the Donner Canadian Foundation

AOPA ASI Launches Safety Alliance

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) Air Safety Institute (ASI) has launched a new industry-wide initiative, the Safety Alliance, which brings general aviation safety education resources together in one location online and makes it easier for pilots to find a variety of content all in one place.  

Organized by topic on ASI’s Safety Spotlight web pages, and also on the Safety Alliance web page, the content is free to all pilots and for the first time, allows them to find the information they want, without having to search multiple websites.  Topics cover the spectrum of safety-related materials.

“ASI is proud to provide a common platform for anyone who is passionate about aviation safety education.  Further improvements to GA safety requires a team effort and isn’t something we can do alone,” said AOPA Senior Vice President, Aviation Strategy & Programs, Katie Pribyl.  “We know that many other organizations provide high-quality safety-focused content and we want to make it easy for pilots to find that information.”

The launch of the Safety Alliance is the result of a collaboration between ASI and several general aviation companies and organizations.  ASI thanks the following for being part of the initial Safety Alliance launch: ASA, Jason Blair, Flight Chops, Garmin, Hartzell Propeller, Leidos, Rod Machado, MzeroA, PilotWorkshops.com, Sportys, TBM, and The Finer Points.  New programs will be added regularly, so pilots are encouraged to visit often for the latest in general aviation safety education.

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