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World Assembly Update – Resolutions | AOPA India Renews Efforts for a Comprehensive GA Policy | IAOPA Europe Deputy to Serve as EASA General Aviation Subcommittee Chair | AOPA Australia Represents GA in Safety Regulation Review | AOPA’s Challenge Implementation of Cessna SID | AOPA US/France Team up for Air Rally | Experience ‘VACATION’—ASI’s “ghastly” rhyme for the unwary flier | Link to IAOPA Europe Newsletter | Pass this Newsletter on to Your Members

World Assembly Update – Resolutions

Besides being an opportunity for all IAOPA affiliates to gather and discuss recent challenges, victories, and the occasional setback, one of the main purposes behind the biennial IAOPA World Assembly (WA) is to fulfill the requirement set forth in our founding constitution and bylaws.  The IAOPA bylaws state that the IAOPA Board meet at intervals of not less than 18 months and not more than 30 months to “coordinate the views and opinions of member organizations as expressed by members of the Board, with respect to proposed requirements, recommended practices, procedures, rules, facilities and services for international aviation.”   The goal of the WA will be to decide on what actions we should take as a group that will enable our members to use their aircraft more effectively and efficiently as well as laying out IAOPA policy on issues that impact our members. These actions are stated as resolutions of the assembly. Since we will have less than one day in which to discuss these resolutions I am encouraging you to prepare your resolutions in advance making sure to focus on those issues that are particularly important to both your members and worldwide general aviation interests. I will be sending you a resolutions background document in the near future with additional information but now is the time to begin the process.

AOPA India Renews Efforts for a Comprehensive GA Policy

With the completion of elections and a new government in place, AOPA-India is renewing its efforts for a favorable GA policy from the new government. In their interaction with Aircraft Owners and Pilots over the last few months, they have identified a few core issues to address and find solutions to:

  • A comprehensive policy for Sports / Recreational aircraft. AOPA-India believes that this category is very important for the growth of GA in India. Safe, affordable and fun, it has the potential to transform the GA scene and bring in the much needed new pilots and aircraft owners.   
  • Promotion of manufacture and assembly of Sports aircrafts in India:  The regulators have over the years managed to destroy the few entrepreneurs and manufacturers of small aircrafts, creating a vacuum in the availability of new aircraft. It is important to have affordable, home grown companies providing manufacturing and service facilities and to encourage innovation and to view this as a very important part of the GA ecosystem.
  • Security Clearance and other licensing/endorsement issues: Both pilots and owners face illogical, outdated rules and regulations as well as tremendous bureaucratic red tape at every step of their flying activity. AOPA-India is asking for a more open-minded and logical set of guidelines to make flying and pilot progression easy and hassle free.

AOPA-INDIA is working on a series of white papers for submission to the new government. For more information contact AOPA - India at [email protected].

IAOPA Europe Deputy to Serve as EASA General Aviation Subcommittee Chair

Dr. Michael Erb, Managing Director AOPA-Germany and Deputy Vice President IAOPA-Europe has been named Chair of the European Aviation Safety Administration (EASA) Safety Standards Consultative Committee General Aviation Subcommittee (GA-SSCC) at a recent meeting held in Cologne, Germany.  The GA-SSCC is composed of organizations and associations representing the general aviation industry and will examine ways to improve the overall efficiency and regulation by the agency including initial and continued airworthiness, operations, licensing, aerodromes and air traffic management.   Established in the summer of 2013, the GA-SSCC group will be a central part of EASA’s new “Simpler, lighter and better rules” initiative made public by the agency at Aero 2014.  In addition to Michael Erb, IAOPA is represented on the panel by Jacob Pedersen, President AOPA-Denmark.

AOPA Australia Represents GA in Safety Regulation Review

Phillip Reiss, former AOPA Australia president, represented general aviation by serving as a specialist technical advisor to the Australian Aviation Safety Regulation Review Panel.  Results of the review panel were published early in June 2014 and while recognizing Australia’s excellent safety record and advanced aviation regulation system the panel has identified opportunities for improvement designed to ensure Australia remains a global aviation leader.  The review makes 37 recommendations for the government to consider which collectively would represent the biggest reform in aviation regulations in a decade.  The report identifies in conjunction “with the government’s 2013 election commitment to reinvigorate the GA sector through the General Aviation Industry Action Agenda, there is also an opportunity for the Department to play a more visible role in policy development and implementation to support the aviation industry, particularly at the smaller end”.   Phillip was singled out for thanks in the Ministers public statement announcing the release of the report which is now open for comment.

AOPA’s Challenge Implementation of Cessna SID

AOPA’s in Germany, Greece, Spain, and Australia are challenging their local National Aviation Authorities (NAA) on the implementation of Supplemental Inspection Documents for the 100/200 series of Cessna Aircraft.  EASA and the FAA have already determined that the extremely costly inspections spelled out in the document are not mandatory but several local NAA’s have decided on their own to disregard that guidance and are requiring owners of these aircraft to include the inspections in their approved aircraft maintenance programs.  Representatives from AOPA’s in the European countries impacted are appealing to their local authorities to follow the guidance established in EASA SIB 2014-01 and have noted that these decisions making the inspections mandatory are being made without regard to the financial impact and will have a serious impact on the free movement of aircraft within Europe.  Affiliates are sharing information and developing contingency plans to provide additional guidance to their members on what their options are if the NAA’s proceed with their plans.  For more specific information please check with your local AOPA.

AOPA US/France Team up for Air Rally

A pilot from Colorado who speaks three languages and recently became a flight instructor will soon be on her way to France to fly in the Tour Aérien Des Jeunes Pilotes.  Kayla Graham, 23, of Centennial, Colo., was selected from a pool of 34 qualified applicants by AOPA, IAOPA, and the Fédération Française Aéronautique. The organizations had sought applications from American pilots interested in flying in the 2014 rally. She will fly with an English-speaking French flight instructor.

Forty pilots between ages 18 and 24 will take part in the Tour Aérien Des Jeunes Pilotes July 19 to Aug. 3. The event, in its fifty-seventh year, seeks to inspire the next generation of pilots and promote general aviation in France. Representatives of the Fédération Française Aéronautique visited AOPA US in May 2013 to discuss the history of the race, which is made possible by volunteers, experienced pilots, and flying clubs.  AOPA France is providing the aircraft and logistical support that will make this trip possible.

Graham, who works for Jeppesen maintaining terminal approach charts (in the Australia quadrant), said in a phone interview that she felt “fortunate, blessed” to learn she had been selected as the American race participant.

A language major in college, Graham has conversational command of French and Spanish. As "a language nerd before I ever got into aviation," she said she sees the upcoming trip as a rare opportunity to combine her twin passions for linguistics and aviation in a single activity.

Even before Graham learned that she would be participating in a European air race, her immersion in aviation in 2014 had shifted into high gear: About three weeks ago, she earned her flight instructor’s certificate and joined the instructors’ ranks of the Aspen Flying Club flying from Centennial Airport in Englewood, and Front Range Airport in Denver.  (AOPA US)

Experience ‘V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N’—ASI’s “ghastly” rhyme for the unwary flier

Taking a cue from televised public service announcements, the Air Safety Institute has published various Pilot Safety Announcements meant to raise awareness of common accident causes.

ASI’s “Vacation” PSA recognizes that easier vacation and holiday travel is one of the major benefits of general aviation. We get to do something we enjoy, accomplish a “mission,” and avoid that eight-hour drive to our destination. But before hopping in the airplane on your way to your holiday destination, be prepared and watch the Air Safety Institute's rhyme for the unwary flier. This darkly humorous reminder spells out the ills that can befall careless vacation fliers; make sure that your name isn't next on the list.

Link to IAOPA Europe Newsletter

Read the latest information on what IAOPA affiliates are doing in Europe.  AOPA’s in every part of the globe are making a positive difference for general aviation and there is simply not enough room to publish all that is being done to keep you flying.  For the latest updates on what is going on at IAOPA Europe, check their website.

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