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Room Block for World Assembly Closes 8 July, 2016! | AOPA QATAR Granted Provisional Membership | Celebrating 50 Years of AOPA UK at AeroExpo Sywell | 2016 Memorial Hans Gutmann Tourist Rally | New collision-avoidance video from the AOPA Air Safety Institute | Link to IAOPA Europe Newsletter | Pass on This Newsletter to Your Members

Room Block for World Assembly Closes 8 July, 2016!

If you have not secured your room reservation for the IAOPA 28th World Assembly, (July 21-24, 2016) the last day to take advantage of the special discounted room rate is July 8th so be sure to make your reservations by then.  Key industry leaders and affiliates from around the globe will be gathering in Chicago to discuss the business of the association, but there are still several affiliates that have not registered.  The importance of attending the World Assembly cannot be overstated; for it is at these meetings that the policy and plans for the association are determined.  Every affiliate should send a representative to make sure that your views and interests are represented.

This year's assembly was timed in conjunction with EAA's AirVenture, so if you've ever wanted to attend what's known as the "World's Greatest Aviation Adventure", this is your chance. AOPA US has coordinated a "turnkey" package that promises to be the ultimate AirVenture experience as a follow-on to the World Assembly.  We've done all of the planning and made all of the reservations but you need to act NOW!  Rooms for both the World Assembly and the follow-on Oshkosh trip are limited.  If you haven't registered, don't delay; now is the time to act!  Register Now.

AOPA QATAR Granted Provisional Membership

On June 15, 2016, in an announcement to the IAOPA Board, President Mark Baker approved provisional membership of AOPA Qatar.  If approved by a majority of the Board AOPA Qatar will become the 76th affiliate of the International Council.  The association is located in Doha and was formed with the assistance of General Ahmed Maher, Chairman of AOPA Egypt.  At the first meeting of the association, the following officers were elected:

SHK/ Mansour Khalifa Al-Thani — Chairman
Shk/ Ahmed Ben Abdu — Allah — Deputy Chairman
Mr. Khalid El Khater        - General Secretary
Mr. Mostafa Abdu — Allah — Treasurer
Mr. Ahmed Maher — Board

Celebrating 50 Years of AOPA UK at AeroExpo Sywell

This year marks 50 years since the British Light Aviation Centre Ltd started trading as AOPA UK and the organization is celebrating by hosting members at AeroExpo UK. The UK's Festival of Aviation being held at Sywell Aerodrome, Northamptonshire.  AOPA UK is one of an exclusive number of affiliates that have been active members of IAOPA for over 50 years.

The origins of AOPA UK go back to 1928 when the 'Council of Light Aeroplane Clubs' was formed as a subsidiary of the Royal Aero Club. The Royal Aero Club, however, also had extensive air racing and social interests as well as general flying interests. The Council split from the Royal Aero Club after the Second World War and became independent as the 'Association of British Aero Clubs and Centres'. In 1966, it merged with the 'Aviation Centre of the Royal Aero Club', (which had by now also separated off from the Royal Aero Club,) to form the 'British Light Aviation Centre'. BLAC still exists today — 'AOPA UK' is its adopted 'trade name'.  For more information on the history of AOPA UK click here.

2016 Memorial Hans Gutmann Tourist Rally

Every year, pilots from all over Europe fly together, across borders, to countries all over Europe hereby contributing to late aviator Hans Gutmann, the renowned Austrian airman, who organized so many long-range trips in the previous decades. In 2016, a new edition of the annual memorial Hans Gutmann tourist rally is being organized bringing pilots to the outskirts of Eastern Europe, beautiful Georgia and the European Caucasus. Pilots from everywhere in Europe as far as Spain, Luxembourg, Lithuania and Finland will fly on August 5 to the airfield of Jakabszállás (LHJK) in Hungary where the official gathering point is for the start of the 2016 edition of the memorial Hans Gutmann tourist rally. On the first day of the rally, we'll fly along the Romanian Serbian border to Bulgaria, where a fuel stop is scheduled, prior to flying into Turkey, where we'll land south east of Istanbul at the Bursa Yeneshir airfield and will stay overnight. On the third day, we'll fly over the Turkish mountains along the Black Sea and a fuel stop is scheduled at the University airport of Engiz. You can expect some spectacular scenery. From there, we'll fly to the nearby Ordu-Giresun sea airport, which has been open since 2015, only prior to heading for tropical Batumi in Georgia. After a dinner on the beach in Batumi, we'll head the next day for our Georgian home basis in Natakhari, north of the capital Tbilisi. We'll be welcomed by the Georgian State Minister Bakradze. The rest of the week will allow participants to explore and discover beautiful Georgia and the European Caucasus at their own pace prior to flying back individually back home.  www.georgia2016.eu

New collision-avoidance video from the AOPA Air Safety Institute

When we think of collision-avoidance, the focus is often on avoiding impacts between airplanes. But it is also critical to be on the lookout for fixed objects that may appear in our flight path.

The AOPA Air Safety Institute just released a video (https://youtu.be/3GIubG1cgQA) to raise awareness of situations that expose pilots to controlled flight into terrain and other obstacles. Look Out! Avoiding Terrain & Obstructions features interviews with pilots who have had close calls and want others to learn from their experiences. The video also reviews use of paper and electronic charts to gather terrain and obstacle information, and it provides insight into the unique risks associated with flying at night in hilly terrain and mountains.

Learn why it pays off to scan the chart for tall towers and the guy wires that support them—and pay special attention to the location of turbine wind farms, which are often located on hilltops. In addition, take a look at how adverse weather, extended airspace boundaries, and sluggish aircraft performance at high-density altitudes that may push you closer to terra firma then you'll be comfortable with.

Watch the video and share it so others can avoid getting caught in a tight spot from which escape may be difficult or impossible.

Made possible by the Canadian Owners and Pilots Association (COPA) and the Donner Canadian Foundation.

Link to IAOPA Europe Newsletter

Read the latest information on what IAOPA affiliates are doing in Europe.  AOPA's in every part of the globe are making a positive difference for general aviation and there is simply not enough room to publish all that is being done to keep you flying.  For the latest updates on what is going on at IAOPA Europe check their website at http://www.iaopa.eu/

Pass on This Newsletter to Your Members

Nothing can keep existing members, and attract new members like reminding them of the great work that IAOPA affiliates, and IAOPA, are doing on national, regional, and international levels to keep them flying. Great work is being done in all parts of the globe to advance the interests of general aviation and the best way to share the message is to make sure that this newsletter gets to as many members and non-members alike. So I encourage you to publish this on your website, send on via email to your members, and do what you can to help spread the word.

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