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World Assembly Update – Visa’s | IAOPA Participates in ICAO Global Tracking Panel | AOPA-Pakistan Fighting to Save Historic Airfield | AOPA-Australia – Plan to Revitalize GA | AOPA-Brazil Objects to Impact of World Cup | Cooperation between AOPA-Greece and National ATCO Association | AOPA to Select Young Pilot for French Air Rally | Get Ready for Storm Week—June 8-14 | Upcoming Summer Fly-ins | Pass this Newsletter on to Your Members

World Assembly Update – Visa’s

Now is the time to start processing the paperwork in order to make sure that your Chinese Visa is ready for the upcoming 27th IAOPA World Assembly being held in Beijing.  For most countries a Visa is required for entry into, exit from, or transit through Chinese Territory.  AOPA- China has devoted a section of the World Assembly website to assist you with this process. The website contains information on the requirements for a Visa as well as how to obtain an invitation letter from AOPA- China that must be included in your paperwork submission.  In order to make your trip to China an easy and pleasant one, you should check with the local Chinese Embassy or Consulates-General in your country to make certain that all of the requirements are met.  They can be of great assistance in helping you go through the necessary procedures and paperwork.  If you are planning to make a side trip outside of the country make sure that you have a multiple entry Visa to eliminate any unwanted surprises at check-in time. 

UPDATE:  AOPA-China has extended the early registration deadline to July 1st in order to allow you to take advantage of the additional tour options at the lower rate.

IAOPA Participates in ICAO Global Tracking Panel

AOPA-US Manager of Regulatory Affairs David Oord represented IAOPA at the recent International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Multidisciplinary Meeting regarding Global Tracking held last month in Montreal. Convened in the wake of the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, the discussions centered around how ICAO, working in conjunction with the International Air Transport Association (IATA), can collaborate on short-term voluntary actions regarding the global tracking of airline flights as well as proposing medium-term considerations regarding an international standard.  While the majority of the panel focused on tracking commercial airlines, IAOPA advocated with the agency to ensure that general aviation operations were not included in the proposals.  IAOPA presented a working paper calling on ICAO to explore affordable alternative technologies as a replacement for ELT’s.  In the paper presented to the panel, IAOPA made the following recommendations:

  • Any eventual search and rescue SARPs should permit alternative and affordable technologies, such as tracking, in place of the ELT for private aircraft under 5,700 kg.
  • Any new wording proposed for global search and rescue requirements should be commensurate to the type of operation.
  • In lieu of mandating specific equipment, ICAO Standards should take a performance-based approach to aircraft emergency alerting. The approach should permit and promote multiple options or combinations of options such as the use of personal locator beacons or other portable devices. Encouraging and using commercial services for alerting is better than requiring one specific technology that may grow outdated as technology progresses.
  • Any new SARPs should leave it to users to decide how best they may meet a performance-based search and rescue requirement in response to a SARP for global tracking.

If you would like to read more about the subject or would like to obtain a copy of the working paper that was submitted, please contact IAOPA Headquarters.

AOPA-Pakistan Fighting to Save Historic Airfield

Sadly one common theme that is emerging is that general aviation airports around the globe are under attack, facing pressure that takes on many forms, including curfews, noise restrictions, lack of improvements, residential encroachment, and even calls to close the airport.  AOPA- Pakistan has been fighting for 10 years to protect Walton Airport in Lahore.  Lahore Flying Club with an impressive history of 90 years has gone to the Supreme Court challenging the State (Provincial) Government and AOPA-Pakistan has gone to the Provincial High Court asking for a stay order against the provincial government’s efforts to convert it into a high rise commercial center.  But like similar situations around the globe, politicians and land developers are ignoring the positive contributions of local airports and moving ahead with their plans.  AOPA-Pakistan is continuing the battle against both Provincial and the Federal Government but they need your help in finding ideas that can be used to convince the courts and the public at large to support the survival of this historic airport. Contact Mohsin Syed at AOPA-Pakistan and share your ideas.

AOPA-Australia – Plan to Revitalize GA

AOPA-Australia has submitted follow-up comments on the “Plan to Revitalize General Aviation in Australia” originally released in February of 2011.  In its comments, AOPA-Australia has cited Australia’s unique and complicated regulatory environment as strang­ling general aviation.  “In a nutshell, GA is shackled with laws and proposed laws that stifle operations and innovations. The AOC process and other limited time certificates inhibit capital investment and access to finance. The process of managing disputed medical certificates is dysfunctional.”

AOPA-Australia calls for a sweeping changes to the existing rules and the adoption of US-style regulations for general aviation ­similar to the New Zealand model.  Areas AOPA-Australia wants improved include the level of industry consultation by the regulator CASA, a move away from CASA’s legalistic approach and more consistent enforcement. The Association argued that aviation should be encouraged by CASA as part of its formal charter and that the regulator was fragmented and should act more ­coherently across the whole organization. “Australia has a history of innovation in aviation and the aviation workforce has developed diverse skills. With the decline of Australia’s manufacturing industry generally, and the loss of skills associated with it, Australia should be encouraging an industry where it has a track record. To let it wither seems to be an opportunity lost”.

AOPA-Australia cited warning bells on what would happen without major changes to the existing general aviation environment. “Without a radical revision, it seems that GA will follow so many other Australian industries into oblivion, taking jobs, opportunities, and skills with it. The prospective GA pilot faces problems with access to airfields, high costs, and a far from appealing ageing aircraft fleet. The aircraft owner faces a frequently hostile airport owner, shortage of licensed maintenance engineers, rising maintenance costs, increased paperwork.”

More information can be found on the AOPA-Australia website.

AOPA-Brazil Objects to Impact of World Cup

AOPA-Brazil objects to airspace and airport restrictions put into place during the FIFA 2014 World Cup.  For the first time various entities representing the different sectors of Brazilian aviation have joined forces to safeguard the safety of air operations against arbitrary and what has been termed irresponsible measures announced by the Brazilian Government.

The joint letter signed by more than 10 aviation associations in Brazil, comes on the heels of recently released regulations designed to address the influx of air traffic that is expected with the World Cup games this summer.  The regulations are imposing strong sanctions, including large fines and pilot license suspensions on those who fail to comply with recently created regulations for airspace and airport slot practices.  According to the document, “such measures announced are unwanted interference and highly threatening to the safety of operations, putting at risk crew, passengers, and all of society”.

If you are planning on flying to Brazil during the World Cup event, make sure that you become familiar with the operating restrictions that have been put in place.  If you would like more information or would like to obtain a copy of the “Practical Reference Guide on Airspace changes for the FIFA Soccer World Cup Brazil” or the joint letter of opposition, at contact AOPA-Brazil directly.

Cooperation between AOPA-Greece and National ATCO Association

AOPA-Greece reached an agreement to work together with the ATCO Association to foster civil aviation and particularly, general aviation in Greece
The first step will be a “meet your controller/meet your pilot” weekend, to be held in April each year. Exception will be this year (2014), where the event will take place next September 20 - 21 to coincide with AFW celebrations.

Pilots will be invited to participate in organized tours at all ATC premises within the country. At the same time, ATC officers will be invited to visit general aviation hangars, schools etc. Whenever it is financial and technical feasible, ATCO will be invited to participate in short familiarization flights.
Both sides will cooperate to invite television and the mass media to ensure maximum publicity.
Pilots and Controllers are obliged to work together in the air and present their hopes and their problems in a common presentation to an audience of civil aviation officials, government employees and aviation companies.

AOPA to Select Young Pilot for French Air Rally

AOPA-USA, AOPA-France, IAOPA, and the Fédération Française Aéronautique, will send an American pilot between 18 to 24 years old to France this summer to take part in a nationwide air rally.

The event, the Tour Aérien Des Jeunes Pilotes (TAJP), launches in the aviation-rich city of Toulouse on July 19 and follows a course through western France before concluding at historic Le Bourget Airport near Paris on August 3rd. The course features stops in six French cities, and includes point-to-point racing, landing competitions, and other events to test pilot skill.
The Tour Aérien Des Jeunes Pilotes was created to motivate the next generation of pilots, build camaraderie, and serve as a public outreach event promoting general aviation. Tour officials expect about 45 pilots to participate. Each stop in the race will allow participants to meet with the public and share their passion for aviation.

For more information about the rally, visit: TAJP

Get Ready for Storm Week—June 8-14

As the convective season looms in many parts of the world, the Air Safety Institute has just what you need to safely circumnavigate threatening weather: ASI’s Storm Week returns from June 8 through June 14. Tune into ASI each day during Storm Week for new convective-weather related products, including a new “Flying the Weather: Thunderstorms” safety video, Facebook discussions, a new thunderstorm safety quiz, and topic related accident case studies, courses, and more.

Register now for the new “Datalink: Cockpit Weather Do’s and Don’ts” webinar to be held on June 11, 2014, at 7:00 p.m. ET—don’t forget to mark that date on your calendar and join AOPA Foundation President Bruce Landsberg and datalink expert Dr. David Strahle as they discuss important safety consideration when flying with cockpit weather. Even if your hemisphere currently experiences winter weather, you’ll benefit from learning how to avoid this deadly weather phenomenon next spring and summer.

Upcoming Summer Fly-ins

IAOPA affiliates throughout Europe are organizing plenty of activities to get pilots out flying and forming the bonds that makes the general aviation flight experience so rewarding.  General aviation is as much about the camaraderie that exists between all aviators as it is about the pure enjoyment of flying.  Be sure to get yourself registered early to ensure that you have a place.

AOPA-Luxembourg has announced details for the Memorial Rally Flight honoring Hans Gutmann.  The rally will take place around the 14th to the 22nd, June 2014 and is getting ready for departure.  Visit the website to find out all of the details and register today.

Malta will be hosting the 45th International Air Rally of Malta from the 28th of June until the 2nd of July, 2014.  This is the 45th anniversary of the rally so please make it a special anniversary by bringing your friends along too. Visit the website for more details and to register.

AOPA-Ukraine is once again involved in organizing the annual aviation, motorcycle, and rock music festival in Ushgorod, just across the border from Slovakia, and is inviting all AOPA members to visit between July 17 and 20. The festival has become massively popular with bikers and pilots in its previous two years, and details of the program are available on the AOPA-Ukraine website.

AOPA-Greece is putting the finishing touches on the upcoming AOPA Fly-In which is a part of the 3rd annual Athens Flying Week being held 22-28 September, 2014. The website is chock full of activities for the pilot, the spectator, or the aviation enthusiast.  Visit the website for additional details and to register.

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