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IAOPA World Assembly Opens Soon | ICAO Acts on IAOPA Priorities | ICAO Training Programs Progress | AOPA-Germany Continues to Fight for Fursti | AOPA-Philippines Appointed to Regulatory Review Board

IAOPA World Assembly Opens Soon

The 25th World Assembly will open on Sunday 6 June and continue through Friday 11 June at the Sheraton Hotel and Towers in Tel Aviv, Israel. A week of work combined with social and cultural events is planned for the delegates and their guests. It's not too late to register for this biennial event at which the policies for determining the future of worldwide general aviation will be discussed and resolutions provided to IAOPA affiliates and regulatory authorities. See http://www.iaopa2010.com.

ICAO Acts on IAOPA Priorities

IAOPA representatives recently submitted a list of priorities to the ICAO Air Navigation Bureau to ensure that the agency properly understood the issues of concern for general aviation interests worldwide. On May 5 representatives of all sections of the Air Navigation Bureau met with IAOPA and IBAC representatives to review the issues involved. The wide-ranging discussions touched on all issues mentioned in the IAOPA priorities paper and the main conclusions of the meeting were:

  • ICAO is sensitive to the concerns of general aviation and appreciated them being raised in a comprehensive manner.
  • The concerns have been studied and it appears at this time that many of them are/will be addressed in the current/future work programs.
  • Future concerns will be duly considered in all standards-setting discussions.
  • The concept of cost-benefit analyses for all types of civil aviation was reaffirmed as an essential part of the standards-setting process.
  • The presence of general aviation representatives in ICAO discussions has proved to be a positive force in moving the interests of worldwide general aviation forward.

IAOPA representative to ICAO Frank Hofmann noted, "This was a very positive meeting that addressed our primary concerns. It has opened new avenues of discussion for us."

ICAO Training Programs Progress

Work has been progressing rapidly on aviation training issues at ICAO, due largely to the efforts of the Secretariat and industry representatives working on the New Generation Aviation Professionals (NGAP) panel. The Panel's task is to address more effective ways of recruiting and retaining individuals into the aviation professions and to examine better and more efficient ways to train them. IAOPA is represented on that Panel.

Since work on competency-based training of aircrews is well advanced, largely due to the work already done for the Multi-crew Pilot License (MPL), ICAO recently published its proposal for a revised Procedures of Air Navigation Services (PANS)-Training document covering an aircraft mechanic competency-based training program. This training method will be in addition to existing training standards for mechanics and will only be available through Approved Training Organizations or through Approved Maintenance Organizations.

The mechanics are now included in the competency-based training framework because it is believed that training in this manner will be more efficient, since the training program will focus on the need-to-know elements. Training will be topical to the industry or perhaps to the company. For example, the MPL was developed by the airlines because they considered training in single-pilot propeller driven aircraft not very relevant to the multi-crew airliner environment.

AOPA-Germany Continues to Fight for Fursti

The Furstenfeldbruck Airfield near Munich, Germany has been under threat of closure for many years. This airfield is an essential general aviation facility that serves the entire Munich area and has remained open due, in large part, to the efforts of AOPA-Germany.

In May, a Spring Fly-In was held at Fursti to support the airfield. The event drew more than 75 aircraft. Both pilots and local residents were informed about the value and utility of the airfield at the meeting. More than 350 people came to the event by automobile and on foot to learn more about the airfield. Airfield manager Andreas Boehl said that all guests seemed very interested in the state of the airfield planning, and its value and prospects for its future. He noted that many guests were impressed at the positive environmental and nature reserve aspects of the airfield. He stated, "The vast majority of the guests wished us a lot of success in our efforts to preserve the Furstenfeldburck general aviation airport."

Importantly, although more than 155 aircraft movements were logged during the day for which no noise complaints were received. Noise complaints had been a previous issue with local residents.

AOPA-Germany continues to challenge a number of political and governmental bodies in the courts regarding the legality of closing the airport.

AOPA-Philippines Appointed to Regulatory Review Board

The Director General of the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines has appointed AOPA-Philippines to be a member of the national committee that will conduct a review of the country's aviation rules and regulations. This is a comprehensive effort that will involve reviewing the Civil Aviation Authority Act of 2008, which includes implementing law and all powers of the Civil Aviation Authority. Gerry Amurao, AOPA-Philippines president, noted, "The Director General of the Civil Aviation Authority is very concerned about the plight of general aviation, which led to our being designated as a consultant on general aviation matters and other concerns."

In other news, at the recent AOPA-Philippines annual general meeting the following were elected or reelected to the board of directors: Capt. Geronimo Amurao, President; Col. Chrisostomo Abanes, Executive Vice President; Capt. Benjamin Serrano, Secretary and Ms. Elizabeth Castillo, Secretary.

Plan to attend the 25th IAOPA World Assembly
Tel Aviv, Israel, June 6 – 11, 2010

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