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International Learn to Fly Day | IAOPA Requests Relief from ICAO Rescue and Fire Fighting Group | IAOPA Asks BMW to Help Save Fursti | Flight Training Conference Scheduled for South Africa | AOPA-Germany Rejects Proposed Seatbelt Airworthiness Directive | Craig Fuller to AOPA Members: ‘Get Involved!’ | ICARUS 2010 - 2nd International Aero Expo Athens | Plan to attend the 25th IAOPA World Assembly

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A 15 percent early registration fee discount for the upcoming IAOPA World Assembly will expire on 5 March 2010. This, IAOPA’s 25th World Assembly, promises to be one of the best due to an interesting and informative host country cultural program and a number of presentations that will address the current and future status of worldwide general aviation. Visit the Web site for more information and registration. Don’t miss this discount!

International Learn to Fly Day - 15 May 2010

AOPA-US, the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA), National Association of Flight Instructors, Sporty’s Pilot Shop, Cessna Aircraft and Remos Aircraft have collaborated to launch International Learn to Fly Day as a means of encouraging the general public to experience the pleasures and rewards of personal flying. The inaugural event is scheduled for 15 May 2010.

The concept calls for every pilot, aircraft owner and flight training organization to introduce the general public to the concept of piloting an aircraft. This may be done by all pilots taking at least one person for an introductory flight, flight schools providing a discounted introductory flight lesson and general advertising by all to get people out to an airport on 15 May.

IAOPA president Craig Fuller stated, "We’re always looking for ways to reach more people and get them involved in aviation; the International Learn to Fly Day initiative is a great way of doing this worldwide. I ask all IAOPA affiliates to participate in this program to help grow the next generation of pilots."

IAOPA secretary general John Sheehan will announce this program to hundreds of international aviation training professionals this week at the ICAO Next Generation of Aviation Professionals Conference in Montreal.

IAOPA Requests Relief from ICAO Rescue and Fire Fighting Group

ICAO Annex 14 requires aerodromes certified to offer international services even on a part-time basis to provide full-time rescue and fire fighting services for those aerodromes. Claiming that those provisions create a significant financial burden for general aviation operations without providing noticeable benefits, IAOPA has again formally requested that fire fighting provisions be limited to aerodromes certified for commercial air transport operations.

The paper states, "Anecdotal evidence from IAOPA affiliates shows that the requirement has provided little benefit for general aviation personnel, primarily because the mass, takeoff and landing speeds, and fuel capacity of small general aviation aircraft are insufficient to yield the type of takeoff or landing accident that would require a aerodrome fire brigade. This contention is supported by the fact that the most active general aviation States, Australia, Canada and the United States, have either filed a complete or partial Annex 14 difference with ICAO on this issue, relieving those States of the responsibility to provide RFF services at general aviation aerodromes… a number of States often use ICAO standards for their own domestic civil air regulations, regardless of international applicability. This often imposes higher standards than necessary, especially for general aviation operations, infrastructure and facilities."

IAOPA Asks BMW to Help Save Fursti

AOPA-Germany has been trying to keep the historic and strategically important Furstenfeldbruck airport open as a general aviation facility for more than 15 years. When this former military air base was closed the intent was to preserve it as a general aviation airport. This was a welcome move since the only two other suitable close-in Munich area general aviation airports have been closed. While the prospects of saving this valuable facility are not good, AOPA-Germany continues to fight for it.

IAOPA president Craig Fuller recently joined the move to save the airport by sending a letter to the CEO of BMW, requesting that they reconsider their refusal to turn the property into a joint driver training facility and a general aviation airport. Fuller said in the letter, "I ask you to carefully consider the impact of the loss of this valuable airport on the general aviation community, not just in Germany, but throughout Europe. The large land area which Furstenfeldbruck comprises should easily accommodate both BMW’s and general aviation’s modest requirements. Doing so would provide a much-needed base for personal and business aircraft operations in the Munich area. Importantly, this will provide much needed revenue for local area businesses and the general population."

AOPA-Germany continues their efforts by encouraging their members to write letters to BMW stating their displeasure with the company’s refusal to accommodate general aviation’s needs. To date more than 250 AOPA-Germany members have written to BMW telling them that these automobiles may no longer be their vehicle of choice.

Flight Training Conference Scheduled for South Africa

AOPA-South Africa is presenting a Flight Training Conference scheduled for Friday 12 March 2010 at Wonderboom Airport featuring the internationally acclaimed speaker Dr. Jerry Cockrell from the United States. Many aspects of flight training will be addressed at the conference and highlighted by Dr. Cockrell’s unique brand of humor. To register, visit the Web site.

AOPA-Germany Rejects Proposed Seatbelt Airworthiness Directive

In a proposed airworthiness directive issued in January, EASA and LFB claim that approved maintenance data was not used in maintaining seatbelts/torso harnesses manufactured by specified manufacturers. The AD, if enacted, could mean that thousands of light aircraft would be required to replace affected seatbelts/harnesses.

In comments made by Michael Erb, AOPA-Germany Managing Director, he stated, "AOPA-Germany strictly rejects PAD10-010… If there were indications that safety was compromised by the affected safety belts, immediate action had to be taken and AOPA-Germany would support this action. But there is no indication at all that a safety issue exists. Even EASA does not request immediate action and opens a discussion with the stakeholders on the topic…. it’s not understandable why even these safety belts repaired and maintained before 2003 should be affected by a conflict the maintenance organizations presently have with newly created EASA regulations."

Craig Fuller to AOPA Members: ‘Get Involved!’

AOPA President and CEO Craig Fuller recently detailed AOPA-US’s drive to safeguard general aviation’s interests and build the pilot population, calling on members to "get personally engaged in protecting and promoting general aviation. AOPA announced it will be reaching out through a variety of venues and asking its members to stay informed, write local officials, host events if able and simply take a non-pilot friend flying. Nearly one-third of Senators are up for election in 2010, and AOPA is asking you to voice your support for GA with your vote. To facilitate the individual’s role, AOPA has launched a Web page with ideas meant to further member involvement in general aviation advocacy. For its part, AOPA plans to produce future economic studies to fully detail the future economic impact of general aviation airports and activities."

While Fuller’s comments were directed at US AOPA members, the principles involved and the significance of their outcome apply to all IAOPA affiliates.

ICARUS 2010 - 2nd International Aero Expo Athens

In June 2008, as a fitting end to the 24th IAOPA World Assembly, AOPA-Hellas presented the ICARUS 2009, the firstInternational Aero Expo in Athens. With more than 40,000 visitors, 60 exhibitors representing 108 companies, 20 seminar speakers, 105 aircraft, and an air show with the participation of civilian and military aircraft. AOPA Aero Expo ICARUS 2008 rightfully gained a significant position among European aviation expositions.

This year AOPA-Hellas will follow their initial success by presenting ICARUS 2010, 18-20 June 2010 at the Tatoi Airfield near Athens.

Yiouli Kalafati, AOPA-Hellas President, notes, "The European South is one of the fastest-growing aviation markets because of excellent weather conditions and infrastructure availability. The world of aviation now has an opportunity to introduce itself and explore the untapped potential of the region while paying a visit to Athens, at the crossroads between East and West—a bridge to the Middle East. We welcome all aviation enthusiasts to ICARUS 2010." See ICARUS 2010 for details.

Plan to attend the 25th IAOPA World Assembly

Tel Aviv, Israel

June 6 to 11, 2010



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