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Estonia becomes 74th Affiliate | EASA Proposes Proportional Regulations for PBN | IAOPA Exibits at Aero Friedrichshaven | European proposal could signal Part 23 changes | The AOPA Air Safety Institute debuts ‘Transitioning to Other Airplanes' course | Link to IAOPA Europe Newsletter | Pass on This Newsletter to Your Members

Estonia becomes 74th Affiliate

The Board of the International Council of Aircraft Owner and Pilot Associations has approved full membership for the Estonian Private Pilots Association to join IAOPA as the affiliate in Estonia, thus making the organization IAOPA's 74th affiliate member. The Estonian Private Pilots Association is headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia and is a not for profit association dedicated to uniting persons engaged in non-commercial aviation activities and interested in hobby aviation in the Republic of Estonia. Mr. Raul Reap serves as president of the Association. The Estonian Private Pilots Association will be included in IAOPA European Region and is committed to promoting a better understanding of the importance of general aviation to the public as a whole.

EASA Proposes Proportional Regulations for PBN

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) published Opinion 3/2015, which contains proposals for amendments to Performance Based Navigation (PBN) -related safety rules. This Opinion marks a significant change in the way how PBN operations are regulated. Based on a risk assessment, EASA concluded that most PBN operations are considered to be a normal navigation mode for commercial as well as non-commercial air operators; this needed to be adequately reflected in the regulatory framework.

Instead of requiring operational approvals for ensuring safety, the new regulatory approach is relying on improved pilot training and checking, as well as on effective and performance-based operational rules. The proposed proportionate rules are particularly beneficial for GA operators, which will see a significant reduction in administrative tasks and burdens.

While developing the new regulatory approach in Europe, EASA has also initiated corresponding changes at the ICAO level to avoid any non-compliance of European operators with ICAO SARPs. The corresponding ICAO amendments should be published through a State Letter in the next days.

The Opinion can be accessed here.

IAOPA Exibits at Aero Friedrichshaven

AOPAs from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland joined forces at Aero Friedrichshafen, the biggest general aviation event in Europe to get the word out on how IAOPA Europe is working to make Europe more general aviation friendly. Additionally, AOPAs from Bulgaria and Spain were represented in separate displays.

Strong international growth: With 33,900 industry visitors from 60 countries over four days, the AERO registered a marked increase in visitor numbers. International visitors in particular generated strong momentum for the aviation show at Lake Constance: "In under 40 years, the AERO Friedrichshafen has transformed itself from a small special show for gliders into the world's most important industry trade show for general aviation," said Messe Friedrichshafen, CEO Klaus Wellmann. and AERO project leader Roland Bosch at the close of the show on Saturday, summing up the positive results of the event. With 645 exhibitors from 38 countries, the international aviation show had already set a new record on opening day.

The number of world premieres and new products that were presented at the AERO also exceeded all previous records for the event. In addition to a comprehensive spectrum of products and the presence of the market's leading players, industry visitors from Germany and abroad were met with a highly specialized range of international general aviation offerings. The industry meeting at Lake Constance has become an essential destination on the flight plans of aviation experts, pilots and industry media. 33,900 visitors from 60 countries (2014: 29,700 visitors) ensured a strong plus at the show. Media interest also grew considerably. The press center accredited about 600 journalists, half of whom came from abroad. Industry and media attention was focused on new aircraft in the business jet segment, as well as ultra-lights and gliders and helicopters and drones at the RPAS expo. Electric aircraft were the focus of interest at the e-flight-expo and also got the attention of policymakers, drawing EU Commissioner Violeta Bulc and the Baden-Württemberg state minister of Education Winfried Hermann to visit the AERO in Friedrichshafen on the show's last day.

European proposal could signal Part 23 changes

By Elizabeth A Tennyson, AOPA US

A new proposal from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is likely to signal the direction of upcoming Part 23 reforms from the FAA.

EASA released its advanced notice of proposed amendment, which is similar to an FAA advanced notice of proposed rulemaking, on March 27. The amendment on "Reorganisation of Part 23 and CS-23" supports a move toward less prescriptive regulations designed to make it easier to introduce safety-enhancing features into general aviation aircraft while reducing the time and cost needed to certify aircraft and equipment.

The FAA, EASA, the aviation industry, and other national aviation agencies have been working to develop the consensus standards through ASTM Committee F44 on General Aviation Aircraft. The proposed standards are similar to the recommendations put forward in June 2013 by the FAA's Part 23 Reorganization Aviation Rulemaking Committee and reflect close coordination with the FAA. AOPA was an active participant in that group and helped develop the recommendations with the goal of generating "twice the safety at half the cost."

The release of the EASA advanced notice of proposed amendment allows the agency to receive formal comments, including input from the FAA. Public comments are also being accepted through May 27 and can be filed using the automated comment-response tool available at EASA's website. The FAA is expected to release its own notice of proposed rulemaking on Part 23 changes for public comment later this year. IAOPA will be submitting comments in associaiton with IAOPA Europe, and each affiliate is encoraged to ensure that your NAA is aware of the importance of this proposed change.

Link to IAOPA Europe Newsletter

Read the latest information on what IAOPA affiliates are doing in Europe.  AOPA’s in every part of the globe are making a positive difference for general aviation and there is simply not enough room to publish all that is being done to keep you flying.  For the latest updates on what is going on at IAOPA Europe check their website at http://www.iaopa.eu/

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