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IAOPA Renews SESAR Contract | IAOPA Regional Meeting in Cyprus | Athens Flying Week | Seaplanes in Greece | Craig Spence Named Secretary General | Summit | PBN Presentation | IAOPA Nominating Committee Meets at Summit | Mexico Eyes Advance Passenger Information System | David McMillan, EUROCONTROL Director General, Assumes Chair of Flight Safety Foundation | Air Safety Institute new Safety Video Release “No Greater Burden: Surviving an Aircraft Accident” | AOPA-US Foundation names “Hat in the Ring” Award Winners

IAOPA Renews SESAR Contract

The contract between IAOPA and SESAR has been renewed, allowing IAOPA to ensure that general aviation's interests are protected as Europe maps out its future air traffic management system. SESAR is the research project which will lead to the Single European Sky and its deliberations affect everything from airspace designations to satellites, ground infrastructure, cockpit equipment and pilot training. IAOPA has been involved in what became SESAR for more than seven years and has deployed significant resources to ensuring that GA has equitable access to the airspace of the future. Airlines, aircraft manufacturers, equipment makers and air navigation service providers are allocating huge resources to SESAR, and when the big beasts like Airbus and Thales are in the driving seat, GA could easily be left behind. In fact, SESAR began with the airlines questioning whether there is any need for uncontrolled airspace at all; IAOPA was instrumental in gaining acceptance of the fact that it was absolutely vital to the health of all aviation. Ben Stanley of AOPA-UK and Michael Erb of AOPA-Germany are looking after IAOPA's interests at SESAR and sit on several of its working groups. Thanks to them, IAOPA has become an integral and valued part of SESAR. In conjunction with AOPA-US, IAOPA-Europe also plays a major part in the difficult process of harmonizing America's future airspace system, NextGen, with SESAR. (Courtesy IAOPA Europe Monthly E-news, Oct. 2012).

IAOPA Regional Meeting in Cyprus

Representatives from 16 European affiliates met recently in Larnaca, Cyprus for the 127th IAOPA European regional meeting and received updates on a number of initiatives currently underway within the European Union and IAOPA’s regional involvement. The successes of IAOPA Europe in affecting changes that will benefit GA are evident in the positive developments that are being made on several fronts as representatives from IAOPA participate on committees ranging from maintenance, to licensing and operations. For a full list of topics covered and the impact that IAOPA is making in the European region, check out the latest Enews from the region at http://www.iaopa.eu/contentServlet/iaopa-europe-enews-november-2012.

Athens Flying Week

Despite the difficult economic situation of the country, more than 20,000 spectators appeared at Tatoi Military airfield to attend the first Athens Flying Week (AFW). It was organized by PC PODIMATAS AUDIOVISUAL SA a private company, owned by a private pilot and member of AOPA. It was an outright success. A spectacular air show, a small aviation expo and an excellent overall organization made it a real European event that happens to take place in Athens. A total of 85 light aircraft were gathered at Tatoi. They came from all countries of South East Europe and Eastern Mediterranean, including Bulgaria, Romania, Israel, Italy, and Turkey. AOPA -Greece supported the organization in every way. Two members of the AOPA Board participated full time in the organizing committee. But the real winner was General Aviation as a whole, because of the high publicity of the event. We look forward to see it becoming a yearly event.

Seaplanes in Greece

With more than 2,000 small islands, Greece is an ideal country for seaplane operations. Nevertheless, the present situation is exactly the opposite. Today there are no seaplanes at all in the country. This is because of the existing old and over- restricting legal system. Just recently, the Government decided to have a fresh look at the situation. A new law is now being prepared. This is good news, of course, but at the same time this is a situation of great concern since we know that no public servants have any experience on seaplanes, do they have the ability to draught a correct new law? AOPA-Greece is following closely the developments, trying to educate civil servants. To do so, AOPA-Greece has requested the assistance of AOPA’s of other countries with practical experience on seaplane operations. We feel proud to report here that we have received substantial support from other AOPA’s.

Craig Spence Named Secretary General

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) made Craig Spence the permanent secretary general of the International Council of Aircraft Owner and Pilot Association (IAOPA). He was named acting secretary general in May. Spence is currently AOPA’s vice president of operations and international affairs, where he leads advocacy efforts on safety and security regulatory and operational issues affecting pilots, aircraft, airspace, air traffic control and future modernization issues. He joined AOPA in June 2008 as the organization’s first vice president of the newly created Aviation Security Department, located within the Government Affairs Division.


Representatives from several IAOPA affiliates from around the world gathered at AOPA’s Summit in Palm Springs, California and had the opportunity to sit down for a lunch with IAOPA President Craig Fuller. IAOPA affiliates from Canada, UK, Germany, Cyprus, Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden and Switzerland were represented at Summit and discussed the future of IAOPA as well as the challenges they are facing. The representatives received updates on a number of IAOPA initiatives and assisted in staffing the IAOPA booth in the main conference center. Planning efforts are already underway for 2013 when the AOPA- US Summit takes place in Dallas/Ft. Worth. The goal is to offer items of interest to international attendees so any suggestions that you may have on ways to improve or possible topics for discussion should be forwarded to Ruth Moser for possible inclusion in next year’s events.

PBN Presentation

IAOPA Secretary General Craig Spence attended the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Performance Based Navigation (PBN) Conference held in Montreal, October 16-18th and provided IAOPA’s concerns with airspace modernization in a presentation to the delegation. Participating in the panel entitled “Stakeholder Concerns, Putting the Pieces of the Puzzle Together”, Spence stressed the need for a comprehensive approach that takes into account the needs of all airspace users and that a strong benefits driven approach should be used. Additionally, that minimizing the cost for general aviation users to access and operate in a global Air Traffic Management (ATM) system should be an integral part of a PBN implementation plan. Finally, that a global ATM system must be capable of providing equal or better levels of service without expensive avionics upgrades or training and that any future system should result in improved safety, access, and efficiency without costly equipment and training mandates.

IAOPA Nominating Committee Meets at Summit

The Nominations Committee for the process of electing new IAOPA officers for the term January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2016 has been appointed. This committee consists of the following persons: John Yodice, IAOPA Legal Counsel and Committee Chairman; Craig Spence, IAOPA Secretary General; Stuart Clumpas, AOPA-New Zealand; Kevin Psutka, COPA; Lennart Persson, AOPA-Sweden; and Michael Erb, AOPA-Germany.

For your reference, Article XXIII states—The Nominations Committee shall select not more than (2) two candidates for each position to be filled. A candidate for regional vice president must be a pilot member of one of the organizations affiliated with IAOPA and must be put forth to the Nominations Committee by his or her national organization in the region.

 If you are interested in nominating someone to serve within your region now is your opportunity to provide input. Please send your nominations for qualified individuals to serve directly to the IAOPA Nominations Committee, c/o Ruth Moser, 421 Aviation Way, Frederick, Maryland 21701, U.S.A or by e-mail to [email protected] with subject line: Nominations Committee.

All suggestions should reach IAOPA Headquarters no later than November 15, 2012, to allow the Nominations Committee adequate time for deliberation. If there are any questions regarding this process, do not hesitate to contact IAOPA Headquarters.

Mexico Eyes Advance Passenger Information System - By Dan Namowitz

Mexico's government has proposed establishing an advance passenger information system (APIS) for flights entering and exiting the country, but the plan has quickly raised concerns about “unworkable” procedures and pricy penalties for pilots who fail to comply.

AOPA- US and industry partners are reviewing the proposed APIS system to be operated by Mexico's Instituto Nacional de Migracion in response to migration-law reforms passed in 2011. The aviation organizations are also discussing the implications of the proposed rulemaking with U.S. Customs and Border Protection, which already administers an electronic APIS (eAPIS).

As proposed, the Mexican APIS presents pilots with tricky provisions including a requirement, for flights to Mexico of less than an hour, to transmit extensive flight information, in Spanish, after the aircraft doors are closed but prior to takeoff. For longer flights, the information would have to be transmitted within 30 minutes before takeoff and after the aircraft doors are closed. In both cases the information to be transmitted includes confirmation of the identities of the passengers on board, according to a summary of the proposal. Where the information would be sent has not been specified. The regulations would apply to private and charter aircraft, and to seagoing vessels.

David McMillan, EUROCONTROL Director General, Assumes Chair of Flight Safety Foundation

The Flight Safety Foundation announced today that EUROCONTROL Director General David McMillan has become the new Chairman of the FSF Board of Governors. McMillan welcomed the attendees to the 65th annual International Air Safety Seminar today in Santiago, Chile as one of his first actions as Chairman. He is the first FSF Chairman from outside the US.

 "With his world-wide reputation, David brings a wealth of experience in representing the sterling FSF brand," said William R. Voss, FSF President and CEO.

"We're particularly pleased to have David take the helm," said Dave Barger, JetBlue President and CEO, and FSF Treasurer, "The Flight Safety Foundation will benefit greatly from the perspective David will bring, as its first truly international global leader."

 McMillan is currently the Director General of EUROCONTROL, a role he will continue until the end of 2012. Prior to his time there, Mr. McMillan was the Director General Civil Aviation at the UK Department of Transport and served in the UK's Foreign and Commonwealth Office as a diplomat in various postings. In accepting the Chair position, McMillan said: "We cannot rest or become complacent in aviation safety. The Foundation's key global advocacy role is more important than ever in today's economic climate. I call on everyone with an interest in aviation safety to consider contributing to the important work of the Foundation."

Air Safety Institute new Safety Video Release “No Greater Burden: Surviving an Aircraft Accident”

For most of us it’s the stuff of nightmares, but for Russ Jeter, the reality of life after an aircraft accident is something to be grappled with every day. The January 2011, the mishap that took his son’s life also set Russ on a quest to understand the mistake he made as a pilot—and help others avoid similar errors. No Greater Burden: Surviving an Aircraft Accident is one result www.airsafetyinstitute.org/nogreaterburden). Produced by the Air Safety Institute with a donation from Russ to the AOPA Foundation, the special half-hour presentation is a sobering look at one pilot’s tragedy, the devastation it wrought, and the lessons all of us can take from it.

AOPA-US Foundation names “Hat in the Ring” Award Winners

The AOPA Foundation has recognized four members of the general aviation community for their efforts to promote and grow general aviation. The award winners were chosen by AOPA Foundation “Hat in the Ring” members—those who commit to donating $1,000 a year to support AOPA Foundation initiatives to improve safety, preserve airports, grow the pilot population, and support charitable work being done through general aviation. The awards were presented at the foundation’s annual Night for Flight fundraising gala before a sold-out crowd in Palm Springs, California, during AOPA’s Summit.

John Black, executive director of the Smyrna/Rutherford County Airport Authority, was chosen for the Achievement in Airport Stewardship award for his efforts to connect the local community to the airport through regular airport presentations to civic groups and other airport groups.

Welles Murphey, Jr., a generous supporter of AOPA Foundation and a member of the AOPA President’s Council and the Ambassadors Society, is the recipient of the Achievement in Public Service Award. He has flown hundreds of missions for Angel Flights and other humanitarian organizations. He holds a commercial pilot certificate with an instrument rating for single- and multiengine land.

Dana Siewert, director of Aviation Safety at the University of North Dakota, has been honored with the Achievement in Aviation Safety Award. He is a designated FAA pilot examiner for private through airline transport pilot and flight instructor certificates and was on the FAA’s designated pilot examiner “Honor Roll” three times. With more than 11,000 accident-free flight hours, he is the holder of an airline transport pilot certificate in both single- and multiengine aircraft and commercial privileges in single-engine sea and helicopters.

 Jerry Gregoire, founder and Chairman of Redbird Flight Simulations Inc., has won the Achievement in Aviation Education Award. He has turned Redbird into the world’s largest manufacturer of full-motion flight simulators for universities and flight schools. He is a pilot holding an airline transport pilot certificate for airplanes and helicopters and a single-pilot type rating for Cessna Citation 525 jets. The AOPA Foundation relies on donations to preserve the freedom to fly. For more information go to www.aopafoundation.org.

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