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2014 World Assembly - Save the Dates | EU Postpones Pilot Licensing Conversion Deadline | IAOPA Survey on General Aviation in Europe | IAOPA Participates in US/India Aviation Summit | Nominating Committee Meets | Athens Flying Week (AFW 2013) | NBAA Releases Study on International Operations | Wings for Science thanks IAOPA | New “Takeoffs and Landings” Video Series | Pass on This Newsletter to Your Members

2014 World Assembly - Save the Dates

The 27th IAOPA World Assembly will be hosted by AOPA-China from Tuesday, September 9 through Friday, September 12, 2014 near Beijing. Our Chinese hosts are planning a number of events that will make next year’s World Assembly a must attend event. Block out your calendar now to ensure your participation in this event. An invitation letter will soon be sent to all affiliates with more specifics on the lodging, transportation logistics, and program agenda items.

EU Postpones Pilot Licensing Conversion Deadline

IAOPA applauds the decision by the EASA Committee of the EU Member States and the European Commission for adopting an amendment to the current EASA licensing rules (Part-FCL) that postpones the deadline to convert licenses (such as FAA issued) until 8 April 2015. EASA issued IAOPA the following in response to the extension:

The EASA Member States agreed earlier in October to extend the EASA licenses conversion by one year. During this transition from 8 April 2014 until 8 April 2015, Member States will be allowed to not apply the provisions of the Aircrew Regulation to pilots involved in non-commercial operations and holding a license and associated medical certificate issued by a third country. It will allow third country license holders, such as FAA license holders, to continue to operate within Europe in non-commercial operations - mainly PPL holders - on their third country license until the 8th April 2015, provided that a Member State allows it. This was a request by general aviation stakeholders which EASA and the European Commission supported to allow for more flexibility.

This extension should allow EASA and FAA representatives to address the differences in the licensing through an amendment to the EU/US Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement (BASA) that would permit existing FAA-licensed pilots to continue their flying without an onerous conversion process. IAOPA Europe and AOPA-US have been aggressively working this issue and will continue to press for a transition process that would not impact our members existing activities.

IAOPA Survey on General Aviation in Europe

AOPA-Germany, on behalf of IAOPA, is hosting a survey open to all pilots and aircraft operators to collect information about General Aviation (GA). The focus of the survey is to determine the problems facing aircraft operators and pilots, what GA is utilised for and with which frequency, and what the economic strengths of GA are.

This information is especially important today because our national and European aviation authorities for reasons of data protection and lack of money compile only a few reliable statistics, so that even basic information such as the number of flight hours per year and class of aircraft has not been available in recent years.

Only when we have accurate and current information on GA can we, as an aviation association, effectively represent the interests of GA and, in particular, AOPA members.

Please further support the work of IAOPA by completing the online questionnaire. We specifically assure absolute anonymity and strict compliance with data protection regulations. Two separate surveys have been prepared for pilots and aircraft operators and will take about five minutes to answer the questions. For aircraft operators who operate more than one aircraft we ask that you please complete the questionnaire for as many of your aircraft as possible. Please also enter your name and email address if you wish to participate in any industry-monitoring in the future.

A summary and the results of this survey will be published on the AOPA-Germany website.

Thank you very much for your support!

IAOPA Participates in US/India Aviation Summit

IAOPA Secretary General Craig Spence participated in a panel discussion on general aviation policy and training in India. The panel was part of a well-attended U.S. India Aviation Symposium being held in Washington, DC sponsored by the U.S. Trade and Development Agency and the Government of India. The panel discussion focused on general aviation policy and training improvements that can be made to assist India in the development of a regulatory infrastructure that is friendlier to general aviation.  IAOPA worked in coordination with AOPA-India to ensure that the message was delivered to regulators of both countries that the current approach to regulating general aviation in India needs to be reexamined and a new policy that is favorable to general aviation needs to be built from the ground up.

Nominating Committee Meets

A nominating committee met at the recent AOPA-US Summit in Fort Worth, Texas and has put forth individuals to be considered for the positions of IAOPA President and IAOPA Vice President in the Pacific Region. Mark Baker, AOPA-US President and CEO has been nominated for the position of IAOPA President, and Phillip Reiss, President of AOPA-Australia has been nominated for the position of IAOPA Vice President, in the Pacific Region. The nominations committee consisted of Dr. Michael Erb, AOPA-Germany, Lennart Persson, AOPA-Sweden, Melissa Rudinger, AOPA-US, Kevin Psutka, COPA, Martin Robinson, AOPA-UK, John Yodice, IAOPA General Counsel and Craig Spence, IAOPA Secretary General. These nominations have been sent to the IAOPA Board for confirmation. If you have any questions or would like to request additional information please feel free to contact IAOPA Headquarters staff.

Athens Flying Week (AFW 2013)

Athens Flying Week was an outright success. More than 45,000 visitors came to Tatoi Airfield from September 27 through 29, 2013 – this is more than double last year’s figure.

Important elements adding to the success of the event were a three-day air show, private sea plane flights by the Athens coastline, limited aerobatic performances also over the coastline, an important aviation conference was attended by prominent aviation enthusiasts. A large number of small aircraft and ultra-lights were evident on the ground and in the air.

The Greek Air Force had an important part in the flying display, together with the Netherlands Air Force and Polish Air Force. Their participation confirmed the professional way the show was organized. Aegean Airlines took part in the air display with an Airbus A320.

AOPA-Greece supported the organization of the event. Two members of AOPA Board took part in the organization team, while Mr. Podimatas, the owner of the organizing company who is also a member, a pilot, and an owner of a light airplane. At the same time, a team of AOPA members acted as volunteers in a number of key positions during the event.

You can keep up to date and informed on all of the AOPA-Greece activities and news through their website, from their page on Facebook and the AOPA-Greece website.

NBAA Releases Study on International Operations

The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) released a new study showing that companies based around the world are increasingly turning to business aviation for the same reasons as American companies, and are reaping the similar productivity and competitive benefits. The study, titled "Business Aviation and the World’s Top Performing Companies" is the fifth in the Business Aviation Users study series to be completed by NEXA Advisors, LLC. Earlier studies in the series focused on business aviation use by large companies, small and mid-size organizations, government organizations and companies enduring the challenges of the Great Recession.

The 2013 NEXA Advisors study reports that business aircraft purchases outside North America have grown significantly, and these growth rates strongly correlate with growth of the value of the top performing companies that use business aviation in these regions.

The study also shows that using a “best of the best” analysis, leading companies around the world are users of business aircraft, including:

  • 98 percent of the top 50 among the “World’s Most Admired Companies,” a list of the global top companies by corporate reputation compiled by Fortune magazine
  • 88 percent of the top 50 companies in the Forbes magazine listing of the “Global 2000”
  • 88 percent of the top 50 companies by revenues in the Fortune listing of the “Global 500”
  • 94 percent of the top 50 companies listed in the “Best Global Green Brands” for their sustainable business practices
  • 88 percent of all the “World’s Best Multinational Workplaces,” a listing of the best multinationals to work for compiled by Great Place to Work.

The 2013 study confirms the findings of the earlier NEXA Advisors studies by concluding that on a global basis, users of business aircraft stand out from their peers as measured independently by leading business authorities, and take top honors in revenue growth, innovation, employee satisfaction and market share. The authors of the 2013 study found that “today’s top performing businesses, true engines of the global economy, need every possible advantage to succeed in the most competitive marketplace ever,” noting that “top performing companies in the world utilize business aviation as a critical tool.”

Wings for Science thanks IAOPA

Wings for science has sent a thank you letter to IAOPA thanking all of the affiliates that helped make their recent flight a success.

Dear friends of AOPA,

Wings for Science was as you will remember the crazy around-the-world flight of a young couple, Clémentine Bacri and Adrien Normier. They took off from Luxembourg in May 2012 on-board a Pipistrel micro-light aircraft with the goal of serving different scientific objectives around the planet. The Flight landed safely during the first day of the Paris Air Show 2013. It was acclaimed after a 14 months’ adventure by H.R.H. the Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume of Luxembourg, and H.R.H. the Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie of Luxembourg, in the presence of French and Luxembourg officials such as J.M. Halsdorf, Minister of Interior Affairs, and Etienne Schneider, Minister of Economic Affairs and External Commerce, to name just these two.

Our flight club Aero-Sport Luxembourg organised a reception at the official exhibition stand from the Chamber of Commerce, and at the Pipistrel stand.

The success of this flight, that unveiled unknown archaeological features in northern Peru and highlighted Mt Krakatoa as being the first emitter of Sulphur dioxide of all Indonesia, has been possible thanks to the unique involvement of numerous AOPA Members and FAI –GAC Members around the planet. A special thank you goes to Jean Birgen, member of the board of AOPA Luxemburg. He facilitated contacts thanks to his excellent connections to the members of the IAOPA board, and of the General Aviation Commission from FAI, (where he act as technical officer).
The Crew, Clementine Bacri and Adrien Normier, hereby wholeheartedly thanks the entire AOPA community for the caring support they received on their way around the Earth.

Kind regards and Blue Skies,
Clementine and Adrien

New “Takeoffs and Landings” Video Series

Proper techniques for safe and efficient takeoffs and landing are judiciously taught during flight training, but pilots can lose some of those early acquired skills over time. This new video series, which is made possible by the Canadian Owners and Pilots Association and the Donner Canadian Foundation, will unveil the finer points of practicing and honing technique beyond currency requirements. Watch the Air Safety Institute’s first installment in the series to learn how to choose an abort point if your takeoff roll isn’t going as planned. “Takeoffs and Landings: Determining an Abort Point” helps pilots understand simple rules of thumb they can all live by.

Pass on This Newsletter to Your Members

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