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World Assembly Report

The IAOPA 27th World Assembly was held at the Kunlun Hotel in Downtown Beijing from September 9th to the 13th. The biennial event was graciously hosted by AOAP China and provided the attending delegates, observers and their guests with an extremely enjoyable and productive 3 ½ days. The assembly attendance set records with 22 affiliates, more than 40 delegates, and 325 observers for the open portions of the meeting.

The highlight of the event was a trip to Badaling Airport, north of Beijing, where delegates were given the opportunity to get a once in a lifetime view of the Great Wall of China by helicopter. The largest number of observers was present for the first day of the assembly which was combined with the 4th Low Altitude Economic Summit, hosted by AOPA China. In the final days delegates gathered in a much more traditional setting to explore issues central to the organization and plan the strategy for the next two years.

The traditional assembly awards banquet was held on the evening of 12 September in downtown Beijing, just steps from the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square at the luxurious Lan Club. The event provided an opportunity for the delegates and their accompanying guests to enjoy an authentic Chinese style meal and also to recognize the accomplishments and achievements of those individuals that have contributed to the advancement of general aviation worldwide. Those receiving awards from IAOPA President Mark Baker include:

  • IAOPA HOST AWARD – Li Wenxin President of AOPA-China and to all of the staff of AOPA China for extraordinary accomplishment in hosting a successful, enjoyable, and memorable 27th World Assembly.
  • IAOPA PRESIDENT’S AWARD – John Yodice IAOPA Chief Counsel for devoted service to IAOPA and lifetime achievement in the advancement of general aviation worldwide.
  • IAOPA SERVICE AWARD – Jacob Pedersen AOPA Denmark President for outstanding service and dedication to the members and staff of IAOPA Europe and AOPA Denmark.
  • IAOPA SERVICE AWARD – Steven Brown Chief Operating Officer, National Business Aviation Association for exceptional support to the worldwide general aviation community and the IAOPA Mission.
  • IAOPA SERVICE AWARD – Ary Stigter AOPA Netherlands Office Manager for dedicated years of outstanding service and dedication to the general aviation community.

Full details on the World Assembly as well as presentations and documents handed out during the assembly are in the process of being uploaded to the IAOPA website and should be available for viewing by mid-October.

27th World Assembly Resolutions

The following resolutions are the result of discussions conducted by IAOPA delegates at the 27th World Assembly held in Beijing China. The information that follows is just the resolutions without the background information leading to the action statements. The full text of the resolutions may be found on the IAOPA website (IAOPA.ORG) and should be posted by mid-October.

Resolution 27/1, IAOPA, at its 27th World Assembly, resolves:




to extend its deepest gratitude to all of the dedicated AOPA China personnel and members for their work in hosting the Assembly, including
President LI Wenxin
Vice President HAO Jianhua
ZHANG Feng, Secretary General
Angela Guo, Deputy Secretary General
Frank Yu, Deputy Secretary General
CHEN, Guohua, Deputy Secretary General
Guo Pei, LI Zhen
Tony Xue, Wenny Zhang, CUI, Wenli, Alex Bai, CAI Fei, REN Tingting
YANG Yang, YANG Jiangping
Isabella Wang, SHANGGUAN Qilin
Liang Wenguang, Roland Nissim
Wei Chen, Director AOPA China
and the other members of AOPA China.

Resolution 27/2, IAOPA, at its 27th World Assembly, resolves:




to extend its deepest gratitude to all of the sponsors which include:-
Continental Motors
Cirrus Aircraft
Capital Helicopter Corporation
Air Union Insurance Brokers
Zhu Ye Qing Tea
Ifeixing Aero Club

Resolution 27/3, IAOPA, at its 27th World Assembly, resolves:




to thank the representatives of China and other organizations for their cooperation, and especially the following officials for their generous and valuable participation:

Civil Aviation Authority of China
Beijing Municipal Government
Xiao Jing, International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)
Steve Brown, National Business Aviation Association (NBAA)
Kai Duell, General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA)

Resolution 27/4, IAOPA, at its 27th World Assembly, resolves:




to urge, in the interest of safety all national regulators and Departments of Transport, to promote all Airport Authorities and the Air Traffic Control organizations, to reduce the cost for touch and go movement to no charge thus serving air safety and airport safety.

Resolution 27/5, IAOPA, at its 27th World Assembly, resolves: (Approved in concept, Secretariat to work with sponsor to reword as needed.)




that, national regulators should adopt requirements for private pilots similar to those currently being considered in the United States which expands upon the FAA’s successful Sport Pilot Rule and that ensures safety is maintained while significantly reducing burdensome regulatory barriers. This approach also provides regulators and the general aviation community with a responsible and appropriate approach to addressing medical fitness for pilots who are flying for private and recreational purposes.

Resolution 27/6, IAOPA, at its 27th World Assembly resolves:


to urge the communities, states, regional and administrating authorities to:

  • share the responsibility for general aviation infrastructure and to ensure that all regions of the country have sufficient access to general aviation aerodromes; and
  • develop a plan whereby the network of aerodromes may be realized.

Resolution 27/7, IAOPA, at its 27th World Assembly resolves:


that regulatory systems need to be risk based and proportionate to the activity and that regulators understand the risks that they seek to address and regularly review their existing regulations.

Resolution 27/8, IAOPA, at its 27th World Assembly, resolves:




to continue to represent the interests of general aviation including aerial work operations as well as small commercial operators; and




ICAO should work with IAOPA to develop appropriate guidance in Annex 6 by creating a separate Part 4 that will address the operational requirements of this area of general aviation operations.

Resolution 27/9, IAOPA, at its 27th World Assembly resolves:


that opening of airspace in line with the requirements of ICAO Class G, China will further the development of VFR flights.

Resolution 27/10, IAOPA, at its 27th World Assembly resolves:


that fuel supply needs to be available without restrictions.

Resolution 27/11, IAOPA, at its 27th World Assembly resolves:


that the burden of taxes/levies should not be at a level which restricts the individual’s freedom to buy and sell aircraft and should be fair and reasonable.

Resolution 27/12, IAOPA, at its 27th World Assembly resolves:


to encourage all government to recognise the benefit that general aviation can provide to the economy of a state where there is minimum interventions from the state, fewer controls can speed up growth in this important sector of aviation.

Resolution 27/13, IAOPA, at its 27th World Assembly, resolves:




that the safety needs of general aviation aircraft must be included in any airspace modernization plan by the development and implementation of a SBAS approach at general aviation airports capable of an all-weather service.

Resolution 27/14, IAOPA, at its 27th World Assembly, resolves:




that aviation products critical to the safety of the life needs to be exempted from legislation restricting their use and that ICAO should take a leading role in this debate to ensure the aviation safety is not adversely affected.

Resolution 27/15, IAOPA, at its 27th World Assembly, resolves:




that the delegates deepest gratitude is expressed to you Secretary General of ICAO for your interest and dedicated support evidenced by your insightful comments transmitted to our Assembly.

IAOPA Finance Committee

At the recent World Assembly held in Beijing China, a motion to reestablish the IAOPA Finance Committee was presented, and accepted by the delegates attending. This memorandum is seeking interested parties that would be willing to participate and serve on the committee.

The IAOPA Constitution and Bylaws sets forth that the committee shall be composed of the President, Treasurer and three (3) members of the board. In order to be considered to serve, you must be president of your affiliate (or designed as the board representative) and your affiliate must be in good standing with IAOPA. Interested candidates should officially submit their name for consideration via email to the IAOPA Secretary General no later than October 15, 2014. Duties of the committee can be found in the IAOPA Constitution and Bylaws.

If you have any questions, or need additional information please feel free to contact me. I am looking forward to working with the newly established committee.

Chill out as ASI tackles winter weather during “Ice Week”

Before temperatures start to plummet this winter in the northern hemisphere, it might be a good idea to fire up your computer and participate in the Air Safety Institute’s “Ice Week” from October 26 through November 1. Learn how to avoid treacherous icing encounters with ASI’s free resources, including videos, courses, quizzes, accident case studies, and real pilot stories. And pilots in the southern hemisphere shouldn’t feel left out in the cold. “Ice Week” can still benefit you to be prepared ahead for when cold temperatures and icy drizzle arrive and thoroughly chill the sky next winter season in your part of the world.

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