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World Assembly Update—My Bags are Packed

As our host for the upcoming 27th IAOPA World Assembly puts the finishing touches on what is sure to be a historic meeting, IAOPA Headquarters has been distributing to affiliates several important documents including the most recent and up to date IAOPA Policy Manual. As stated in the forward to the manual, the diversity of interests existing within IAOPA affiliates combined with the wide range of issues confronting those organizations makes it imperative that a method of forming and maintaining policies be adhered to. Without well-formed and documented policies the representatives of IAOPA and its affiliated organizations have little foundation from which to develop policy statements that concern either regions or of the entire body of IAOPA affiliates.

Speaking with one voice on critical issues confronting general aviation is an essential element of the coherence and credibility for the council of associations. While specific issues may be difficult to link to a detailed policy, well-formed basic policies will enable representatives to develop statements that are well founded in broad policy statements that have been agreed upon by a majority of members. The IAOPA Policy Manual is a compilation of resolutions that have been generated at the previous 26 World Assemblies and form the principal source of policy guidance for IAOPA affiliates. If you have not received a copy of the policy manual in pdf format via email, please contact IAOPA headquarters at [email protected]. The new manual will be posted on the redesigned website once the new site is up and running.

See you in Beijing!

AOPA Peru Reconstituted

At the May 22nd, 2014 Peru Assembly of Pilots and Owners of General Aviation, the organization voted to restart AOPA Peru and adopted the existing bylaws intact. Mr. José Guido Fernandez was unanimously elected as the new AOPA Peru President. Other Board Members elected at the meeting include:



IAOPA is excited to have AOPA Peru rejoin the ranks of active affiliates and we look forward to working with them in the future on ways to improve general aviation in South America.

AOPA US Pilot Completes Rally

For the second year in a row, AOPA France and AOPA US have teamed up to sponsor an American pilot flying in the Hop! Tour Des Junes Pilotes. Kayla Graham returned to her home in Colorado after completing the event that lasted from July 19th to the 3rd of August, in which she joined 43 other young pilots flying an eight-airport route from Toulouse to Paris representing general aviation at each port of call through static displays, appearances, and mass-media presentations intended to get the public excited about aviation. Graham wrote about her adventures in a blog. Graham described the French general aviation scene as vibrant, with enthusiasm for flight growing. There were many people that worked very hard to make this a success and their efforts were greatly appreciated. A special thanks goes out to Jacques Callies and Alain Curoy of AOPA France, Jean-Luc Charron of FFA, and Britney Miculka of AOPA US that came together to make this happen.

Membership Marketing Report Available Online

Marketing General Incorporated has announced that its Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report is now available for download at their website. With this edition, MGI continues to share their knowledge of what associations are actively doing to recruit, engage, renew, and reinstate members. This report provides a snapshot of what associations are doing to build and retain membership, the cornerstone of every AOPA. The purpose of the study continues to be the development of meaningful benchmarks by which the leadership of individual membership and trade associations can evaluate their own membership marketing strategies and tactics.

This year, the report was reworked to provide a greater understanding of not only what channels we are using but which are the most effective at acquiring and retaining members.

Based on input from nearly 865 respondents, 2014 results show that membership organization numbers continue to rebound.

Detailed information is provided on:

  • Primary challenges to growth
  • Changes in dues
  • Uses of social media
  • Successes in recruitment and engagement
  • Tactics in renewals and reinstatement
  • Marketing budgets
  • Changes in membership categories
  • And much more

The 2014 Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report is easy to read and easy to digest, and will be of value to anyone involved in membership marketing or association management. The complete report can be downloaded at their website.

AOPA syndicate wins SESAR contract

A syndicate including AOPA UK has won a contract from SESAR to create and demonstrate a portable electronic conspicuity aid for general aviation which could retail for less than €1,000. The syndicate involves the British ATC provider NATS—National Air Traffic Services—the German avionics company FUNKE, and the Edinburgh-based GA avionics manufacturer Trig. AOPA’s function in the syndicate is to carry out airborne trials of a Low Powered ADS-B Transponder (LPAT) made by FUNKE. It is expected that some 180 to 200 hours of flying tests will be required, and AOPA is planning a flight test program in conjunction with NATS. Tests will also involve a panel-mounted ‘LASE’ system manufactured by Trig. The aim is to provide GA with an electronic conspicuity system that was satisfy the requirements of all airspace at minimal cost and with no weight and balance considerations for aircraft. (Courtesy IAOPA Europe.)

Check out ASI’s CFI to CFI newsletter

The Air Safety Institute publishes and distributes CFI to CFI, its free and award-winning digital newsletter, to certificated flight instructors (CFIs) in the United States. However, whether you're an active flight instructor or getting back into the cockpit, you can access this quarterly publication, anywhere, anytime.

As its name implies, the newsletter is a forum for CFIs to learn from each other and it includes information on—and links to—a wealth of aviation safety education programs. CFI to CFI embeds safety videos for seamless viewing on a tablet or PC, while providing thought-provoking flight-instruction related articles and videos, flight instruction and aviation education tips from flight instructors, and ASI’s well-known safety quizzes and courses to share with student pilots and others.

In the latest issue, watch the video of a CFI’s “Real Pilot Story: Fire in the Cockpit,” explore ways to improve your radio communication, and come along with Rod Machado on an experiment of flying under the influence of density altitude. Not a CFI? No problem: Subscribe here.

Link to IAOPA Europe Newsletter

Read the latest information on what IAOPA affiliates are doing in Europe. AOPA’s in every part of the globe are making a positive difference for general aviation and there is simply not enough room to publish all that is being done to keep you flying. For the latest updates on what is going on at IAOPA Europe check their website.

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Nothing can keep existing members, and attract new members like reminding them of the great work that IAOPA affiliates, and IAOPA, are doing on national, regional, and international levels to keep them flying. Great work is being done in all parts of the globe to advance the interests of general aviation and the best way to share the message is to make sure that this newsletter gets to as many members and non-members alike. So I encourage you to publish this on your website, send on via email to your members, and do what you can to help spread the word.

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