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IAOPA World Assembly — 11 Months Away

AOPA US has been working to make the 28th IAOPA World Assembly, which will be held at the Westin Chicago River North, 21-24 July, 2016 a premier event.  Located in the heart of downtown Chicago’s famous Loop and overlooking the Chicago River the Westin Chicago River North enjoys one of the city’s most coveted locations.

The legend of Chicago is touted, in song and history, as a city that is bigger than life.  One visit, and you know why.  Its beautiful tree-lined boulevards, impressive collection of museums and architecture, endless upscale shopping, culturally diverse restaurants, historic sports, and beaches that line Lake Michigan provide a kind of magnetism no one can resist.  But even more important, once the business of the association is done, take a trip to Oshkosh and experience AirVenture 2016 first-hand!

Registration will be open shortly and when the site becomes live, an email will be sent to all IAOPA affiliates.  Finishing touches are being put on the site, with a link from the IAOPA Homepage that will contain all of the information you will need to register and plan your trip.  I look forward to seeing all of you in Chicago next July.

AOPA UK First to Receive CAA Good Training Provider Designation

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association UK (AOPA-UK) has become the first organization to be endorsed under a new ‘good training provider’ scheme run by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). AOPA’s established Wings Award Scheme has been judged by the CAA as a worthy recipient of its Pilot Recognition for Operational Up-skilling and Development (PROUD) initiative. 

The CAA introduced PROUD as a way of improving the general skill level of private pilots, particularly recently qualified PPLs and NPPLs. The scheme endorses training programmes, provided by General Aviation associations, and bodies if they meet certain criteria. AOPA’s Wings Award Scheme allows and encourages pilots to develop various skills level in a structured and logical way and is therefore a natural and welcome addition to the PROUD initiative. 

While commenting on the PROUD endorsement, Martin Robinson, Chief Executive of AOPA UK, said: "This new innovative scheme from the CAA is an excellent way for industry to work in partnership with the Authority. Any organization that focuses on improving pilot skills through education and training can now get an endorsement from the Authority. AOPA is ' PROUD' to be associated with this initiative."

The CAA said it was keen for other GA organizations to join the PROUD scheme

More information can be found at www.caa.co.uk/ga 

News from AOPA Romania

June was peak airshow season in Romania. Each weekend a major airshow took place on an airport or airfield. June 1st was the traditional Child Day Airshow at Clinceni Airfield (10 NM West of Bucharest) organized by the Romanian Airclub with AOPA Romania as its partner. A large public enjoyed a half day full of aerobatics performed by the Hawks team of Romania flying their Extra aircraft, and there were also military aircraft and skydiver "daredevils". In the opening of the show, two AOPA aircraft performed and departed directly to Vadeni Airfield (100 NM east of Bucharest) where a large fly-in was organized by Mr. Albert Malaxa, an AOPA Romania member.

June 6th was Bobocu Airshow. Bobocu Airfield, situated 70 NM north-east of Bucharest, belongs to the Romanian Air Force Flight Academy. It is where a lot of commercial and military pilots started to fly. Going back to this airfield brought back a lot of memories for all the seasoned pilots that had graduated there. AOPA Romania was present on the field and flew a three-aircraft formation in front of the public.

June 13th was the Bacau Airshow held at LRBC airport (home of Aerostar). Similar to Bobocu Airshow, this airshow was also organized by the Romanian Air Force.

The roar of Mig-21 fighter jets (similar to the one in the picture, left) pleased the very large public that had gathered to enjoy a day that offered a lot of surprises. A two-ship A-10 formation made a special appearance at the show, surprising the public with some low and slow passes over the runway before vanishing into the blue sky. Helicopters, Special Forces, support aircraft circling low and high performance military aircraft all entertained the crowds.

General aviation had a flying slot in the show as well, and we are glad that the majority of pilots were AOPA Romania members.

The airshow, not only of the month but also of the year, took place on June 20th on Baneasa Airport (LRBS). BIAS 2015 — Bucharest International AirShow — attracted a record number 200,000 visitors that enjoyed a full day of aviation. Small or big, slow or fast, piston engine or jet engine, all performers gave their best to please the public. A large jet formation, consisting of the Turkish Stars and the Baltic Bees, amazed the public with their precise formation aerobatics.

A RAF Eurofighter Typhoon doing a solo display seemed to have forgotten the law of physics while performing, thus leaving the public thrilled at the end of the display. The Hawks of Romania were at their best, showing that the Extra 300 has no secrets their pilots don't know. There were a several enormous hearts drawn on the sky of Bucharest that day, sending back to the public a huge thank you for all the good vibes that the pilots received on that day.

BIAS was organized by the Bucharest Airports Company in partnership with sponsors, the Romanian Air Force, and AOPA Romania. We are particularly proud that our involvement has become a tradition and also that this year the show was opened by the AOPA Romania flight.

On June 18th, the AOPA Romania General Assembly took place at the LRBS GA Terminal. The bylaws were updated and a new management team was elected. To be able to better react to the problems of their members across Romania, for the first time, four regional vice-presidents have been elected. Also, to answer specific problems to specific GA categories, a certified GA VP and Non Certified GA (ultralight) VP were elected.

The new AOPA Romania Board elected for the next two years consists of:

- Mr. Andrei Zincenco — President
- Mr. Vlad Codreanu — VP Non Certified
- Mr. Gabriel Iosif — VP Certified
- Mr. Dragos Stoicescu — VP Romania South
- Mr. Albert Malaxa — VP Romania East
- Mr. Stefan Sabau — VP Romania West
- Mr. David Nagy Molnar — VP Romania North
- Mr. Vladimir Stoicescu — VP International Liaison

Finally, AOPA Romania has teamed up with ROMATSA — the Romanian Air Traffic Services Administration — and the local CAA to incorporate all its knowhow about non-certified airfields into the official “VFR Flight Manual” that is soon to be released. In this respect, AOPA Romania was appointed as the official data originator for the non-certified airfields. (Courtesy of IAOPA Europe August Newsletter)

Jämi Airshow&Fly-In at EFJM

AOPA Finland attended Jämi Airshow & Fly-in with its own booth in co-operation with Wings magazine between 17th and 19th of July 2015. All pilots were joining the hangar talk around the booth discussing the current distressed state of GA in Finland. EasyVFR was also hot topic because AOPA Finland provided free flight plan via EasyVFR for all in need. Dozens of FPLs were sent directly to AFTN system without needing back-up calls as national ANSP, Finavia, require in their systems. AOPA Pilot, Wings and Aircraft Owner & Pilot magazines were provided free of charge to all interested, thanks to support of AOPA US and AOPA UK. Some of the Jämi Airshow&Fly-in uncut feature clips are available for viewing here.

About 5000 aviation enthusiasts and interested people was gathered to see how our childhood games were turned into airplanes and tanks, our fire crackers have turned into dynamite but boys will still be boys. It was a magnificent show, one we only could dream of as children. Robust radial engines, fantastic fighters, cooperation between ground vehicles and airplanes...all topped up with a touch of pyrotechnics gave the viewers worth for their ticket fee.

Finland Airspace Change

AOPA Finland gave their statement for the second airspace change within one year to CAA as requested by 17th of July 2015. The ink on this paper had barely dried when the CAA announced on July 20th their well ahead prepared decision regarding ACC sectors, ATS routes as well as TMA, FIZ and CTA areas proposed by national ANSP, Finavia. It appears the decision was already made because comments submitted to the proposed changes were not taken into account similar to the earlier airspace change enacted in NOV 2014.

The Air Safety Institute wants you to keep stalls at bay

Early in flight training, we learned that an aircraft can stall at any airspeed and at any attitude. So in order to prevent loss of control of the aircraft due to a stall, we practice stall recognition and recovery, and are required to demonstrate that we can fly the aircraft at minimum controllable airspeed. While the airspeed indicator, stall warning horn, and tactical feedback from the airplane are helpful cues that the wing is close to reaching the critical angle of attack, wouldn’t it be nice to have a precise way to gauge when you’re about to wander beyond the wing’s lift capacity? That’s where an angle of attack (AOA) indicator comes in.

To better understand the concept of AOA indicators and what systems are available for general aviation cockpits, the Air Safety Institute developed a short video, Margins of Safety: Angle of Attack Indicators, which provides an introduction of AOA and an overview of how these systems can benefit your safety with improved stall awareness and prevention. The video discusses advantages and disadvantages of the three main AOA indicators—vane, pressure-differential, and Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS)—and how they measure relative wind, compute the data, and display the result in the cockpit.

Watch the video, developed with technical assistance from Aspen Avionics, and learn how an AOA indicator can help you avoid exceeding the critical angle of attack.

The video is made possible by the Tom Davis Fund, and brought to you by Aspen Avionics.

Link to IAOPA Europe Newsletter

Read the latest information on what IAOPA affiliates are doing in Europe.  AOPA’s in every part of the globe are making a positive difference for general aviation and there is simply not enough room to publish all that is being done to keep you flying.  For the latest updates on what is going on at IAOPA Europe check their website at http://www.iaopa.eu/

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