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Next World Assembly to be hosted by AOPA New Zealand | 28th IAOPA World Assembly Presentations Posted | Rebranding continues at the 28th World Assembly | AOPA Japan Fly-in | AOPA South Africa Co-Sponsors Botswana's Race for Rhinos | IAOPA Europe Works to Ease the Burden for Operators of Complex Aircraft |Update from AOPA Finland | AOPA China Cloud Launched | ASI releases new Accident Case Study | Link to IAOPA Europe Newsletter | Pass on This Newsletter to Your Members

Next World Assembly to be hosted by AOPA New Zealand

It's unanimous!  In the final working session delegates attending the 2016 IAOPA World Assembly unanimously selected AOPA New Zealand to host the next World Assembly.  The 2018 World Assembly will be held in Queenstown, New Zealand from Sunday March 25th, until Thursday, March 29th, 2018.  This will be followed by an option to attend the 30th Anniversary Warbirds over Wanaka Airshow starting on March 31st and lasting for two days.

AOPA New Zealand is excited to be hosting this World Assembly and will have full details available on a website to be launched around the December, 2016 timeframe. This will contain all registration, booking and partner programs providing a comprehensive one-stop-shop that will make the trip to New Zealand an unforgettable experience.

Start saving up your holidays now because according to AOPA New Zealand President Ian Andrews "you will need at least 2 weeks to enjoy the country to its fullest potential".  Stay tuned for more information but block out that time on your calendars now!

28th IAOPA World Assembly Presentations Posted

For those affiliates that were unable to attend the 28th IAOPA World Assembly held in Chicago, Il. all of the presentations as well as resolutions that were adopted have been posted on the IAOPA website for your review.   If you have any questions or would like additional information on any of the topics covered, or to talk with the presenters directly, please contact IAOPA HQ at [email protected].  

Rebranding continues at the 28th World Assembly

One of the opportunities that many affiliates took advantage of while attending the last World Assembly was the chance to meet one-on-one with members of the AOPA design team and explore rebranding options customized to the needs of the affiliate.  As you know, IAOPA and many affiliates around the globe are in the process of updating their logo to reflect the new IAOPA brand and the AOPA design team is standing by ready to assist.   Additionally, website design templates and customized brand guideline are available that should provide all the information that you'll need to carry out the rebranding process.  If you have not received your final artwork or if you are interested in getting the process started in your country, please contact IAOPA HQ ([email protected]) for the link to these resources.

AOPA Japan Fly-in

AOPA Japan hosted its yearly fly-in events July 23rd -25th at Hokkaido, the northern most island in Japan. General Aviation in Japan is relatively small with less than 1,000 GA airplanes in total.

AOPA Japan arranges for fly-in's not only for the pleasure of the participants but also to promote GA in general.  Similar fly-in's also take place in Okinawa (southerly I Island) and other locations in Japan.  In addition to visiting the small airport of Bibai, the group of seven AOPA airplanes also attended the relatively big airshow in Okdama Airport (Sapporo) with almost 40,000 visitors and many military as well as other GA airplanes attending.

AOPA South Africa Co-Sponsors Botswana's Race for Rhinos

AOPA South Africa (AOPA SA) was a co-sponsor in this years "Race for Rhinos" which was held in neighboring Botswana and AOPA SA directors Ettienne Fouche and Stefan Erdmann flew the race.  The Botswana Tourism Organization, in partnership with Gaing-o Community Trust and The Matsieng Flying Club, organized and hosted the race. This event is important to the organization as a way to increase aviation tourism into the country, as well as generate new opportunities that are interesting for local and regional tourists' interested in adventure and sporting events.

The main feature of the "Race for Rhinos" will was the race itself, with 100 light aircraft participating, taking off and landing directly on the hardened salt plains next to Lekhubu Island. The afternoons offered further experiences for participants and spectators with guided tours of the national monument, quad biking, mountain biking and exciting aviation stunts.

Lekhubu Island is a national monument for Botswana and is managed by a community based trust. There is a pre-historical wall on the southern side of the Lekhubu rocky outcrop which postdates the post Great Zimbabwe ruins.

As part of Botswana's dedication to conservation the event name was changed and will now be known as the "Race for Rhinos", with key turning points aligning themselves with destinations that are home to some of Botswana's rhino population, including Serowe and the Khama Rhino Sanctuary and Debswana's Orapa Game Park. The national endangered wildlife trust, Tlhokomela, supports this event as it brings awareness of the good work that the Botswana government is doing towards promoting the country as a safe haven for these critically endangered species. The Trust will also raise funds through an auction at the event in support of the Central Operations Unit.

IAOPA Europe Works to Ease the Burden for Operators of Complex Aircraft

IAOPA Europe has developed a template that will assist operators in achieving compliance with EASA's new Part-NCC requirements.  The rules went into effect August 26, 2016 for most operators of complex aircraft in Europe.  For an overview of the requirements for operators of Non Complex Aircraft please consult the dedicated NCC page at the EASA website.

Through an extensive use of references to relevant regulation and appendices the core Operations Manual is kept down to around 20 pages. Further, the most common variable items are all listed in the "Operator's Reference" section at the beginning of the manual. This should make the implementation quite an achievable task even for a small NCC operator.  For an operator who is already familiar with the new regulation it is expected that the manual can be adapted and implemented in less than a day.

For more information and to download the template visit the IAOPA Europe website www.iaopa.eu.

Update from AOPA Finland

Jami Fly-In and Airshow

Annual Jami Fly-In & Airshow gathered aviators and aviation enthusiasts to spend wonderful weekend July 16th – 17th at Jamijarvi airfield in Finland.  Altogether almost 8,000 visitors enjoyed the airshow in sunny weather.  Performers attending included a North American P-51D Mustang, and the Swedish Air Force Historic Flight team flying Harvard's and Texans.  As a special guest star there was Jakovlev Jak-3U being flown by demonstration pilot Rick van der Graaf.   Mihail Mamistov flew a wonderful Extra 330XL freestyle program on Saturday ending his show with a few fly-bys' much to the delight of the audience.  Finnish team Arctic Eagles performed a tremendous show as the diverse flying expertise of the team members aligned perfectly with the unique components of their overall performance.

AOPA Finland was on hand with their own booth updating pilots on the latest EASA regulations as well as national GA news.   Training sessions for the EasyVFR application were conducted and several flight plans were able to be submitted directly to AFTN system.  Normally when a flight plan is submitted the pilot needs to call to ensure the flight plan is being processed.  By using EasyVFR the flight plan is input into the system directly making the process hassle free.
Renovation of EFVL airfield and Fly-in

As Helsinki City is shutting down the lights at Helsinki-Malmi airport, EFHF, in other parts of the country there is some good news.   The Hailuoto municipality recently refurbished their community airport (EFHL) and now we are happy to report the same is true from Vaala municipality.  The Vaala airfield has a long history dating back to World War II when it was used as a fighter base.   The community has purchased the piece of land where the airfield is located and renovated its gravel runways and cut down all the bushes. 

Summertime is the promised season of festivities in Finland one such special event is called FestiVaala which promotes aviation as part of the cultural heritage of the municipality.  FestiVaala started with a fly-in organized by AOPA Finland that included a gathering of 15 aircrafts and over 200 local visitors.  Aviation supporters are now interested in developing the Vaala airfield due to its central location.  Vaala has a significant advantage, there are 12 airfields or airports which are within 3 ½ hours flight time and is centrally located about half way from Helsinki to Lapland. The long term plan, or dream, is to develop the airpark into a full-fledged airfield, with hangars and accommodation available for all aviators.

Kuhmo Experimental fly in 2016

Traditionally the Kuhmo Experimental Fly-In organized by Kuhmo Flying Club, has been held every year in July during the Kuhmo Chamber Music Festivals.  As earlier years, the fly-in weekend is just before the start of the Chamber Music Festival.  In 2012 the fly-in attracted 70 airplanes, but this year weather prevented any arrivals before noon with ceilings at 500-800 ft. and light drizzle.  By afternoon the sky began to clear but the most expected visitor, a Saab Safir, encountered fog on its route and had to return back.  By the end of the day 30 aircraft from all around the Finland had arrived at the fly-in.

Saturday's program consisted of speeches and presentations with an AOPA Finland representative introducing the audience to the EasyVFR application as well as other current aviation related activities on the agenda.  A presentation entitled "Flying Experimental Aircraft in Abroad" was given by Mr. Timo Hyvönen, the chairman of Friends of Malmi Airport.  He shared his experiences flying his RV-8 from Spain after purchasing that from there.  Saturday changed to Sunday while dancing in an open-air hangar without dusk or dawn as the midnight summer was shining around the clock. Sunday was reserved for recovery and packing up the gears before return flight to home.

AOPA China Cloud Launched

China's general aviation market is developing rapidly.  In response, a growing number of overseas aviation organizations are hoping to expand their business into China.  On average AOPA-China receives business visitors from overseas weekly, and most want to know the current status of China's aviation industry with the hope of getting a chance to sell their services or products in China.  In order to better assist those visitors, AOPA China has developed an interactive platform which will help them to stay up-to-date and better understand the aviation policies and latest news from China.  AOPA-China Cloud Website (www.aopacd.com) was officially launched on August 22nd, 2016.

The website has three parts: Aviation News, Forums, and Online Q&A and provides users with the latest and most valuable information on GA in China with much of the site being translated into English.  Topic such as the aviation market in China, CAAC polices, pilot training and management, and aviation events in China, etc. are all covered.  Registered users can also submit their questions regarding the aviation market in China and experts from our AOPA China will answer those questions promptly.  AOPA-China Cloud Website is committed to providing a one-stop service platform for those who are interested in aviation industry in China. It is a bridge that connects us together.  AOPA China firmly believes that with the opening up of the aviation policies in China, the aviation industry will realize great-leap-forward.

ASI releases new Accident Case Study

Performing the same tasks in the same way may lead us to overlook things we take for granted, potentially ending in disaster. Enter what should have been a routine flight the night of November 23, 2011: On board the Rockwell 690 Aero Commander were three adults and three children—all lost their lives when the twin-engine airplane impacted terrain in the Superstition Mountains outside Phoenix, Arizona.

In Accident Case Study: Unintended Consequences, ASI looks at what led to the tragedy and how it may have been prevented. The case study reminds us to use tools like terrain awareness technology, departure procedures, and ATC flight following service when flying at night. Please share this video so others may avoid a similar mishap (www.airsafetyinstitute.org/acs/consequences).

Link to IAOPA Europe Newsletter

Read the latest information on what IAOPA affiliates are doing in Europe. AOPA's in every part of the globe are making a positive difference for general aviation and there is simply not enough room to publish all that is being done to keep you flying.  For the latest updates on what is going on at IAOPA Europe check their website at http://www.iaopa.eu/

Pass on This Newsletter to Your Members

Nothing can keep existing members, and attract new members like reminding them of the great work that IAOPA affiliates, and IAOPA, are doing on national, regional, and international levels to keep them flying. Great work is being done in all parts of the globe to advance the interests of general aviation and the best way to share the message is to make sure that this newsletter gets to as many members and non-members alike. So I encourage you to publish this on your website, send on via email to your members, and do what you can to help spread the word.

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